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What You Should Get in Routine Inspection in Authorize Harley-Davidson

Most people’s perception of “periodic motorcycle inspection" is only an oil change. This is a big mistake! This is a set of operations, during which it reviewed the bike complete. There are things like brake fluid, which are change at regular intervals and some others are dependent on mileage.

6 Of The Cutest Biker Toddler Tees That Are Irresistible

Toddler tees are one of the most adorable things a motorcycling parent can get for their toddlers or little kids. Try them on your little toddler and I promise, they will look absolutely adorable. I remember one of my biking friends who brought their budding toddler along to a celebration. The little boy was dressed up in an ultra-cute toddler tee that had a design of a leather jacket. He looked absolutely adorable in the tee, but most of all, it's a good memory he can chuckle at in the future. There is no doubt that he will become a biker like his father and mother someday.

8 Religious Motorcycle Products Everyone Is Talking About

Religion and motorcycling have always been intertwined for many years. No matter what one's religion is, they will also motorcycle with religious items to practice their faith. Crosses, religious mantras and skulls have become popular choices for many motorcycling products. Here at Cycle Heart, some of our most popular products are religious products such as skull rings, Christian patches and many more. Whether you want to "ride with Jesus" close in your heart or want to embrace skulls.

What Biker Acronyms Mean

You have to admit there are so many different acronyms for bikers and not everyone knows what they mean. Biker abbreviation can be on a patch or a shirt or just anything really. You really want to know what they mean before you wear them. For example don’t wear a shirt to a professional job or church that say DILLIFAF because you may not be welcome back. If you do not know a meaning of something just ask a biker because they are happy to explain to you what something means.

6 Irish Motorcycle Products You Have To See

Whether you're Irish or not, there's no resisting the Irish culture! With its witty charm, good ol' fun and luck, the Irish culture is most definitely a fascinating one. From shamrocks to tricolor flags to leprechauns, our products are Irish themed in so many ways. Check them out!

12 Best Biker Saying Patches

Did you know that for the most part motorcycle clubs started the patches on the vest in 1924? Some people do not even know that the AMA used to give awards to the best dressed motorcycle clubs.

There are so many different patches with sayings and some are so funny. You will see people reading patches and just bursting out laughing at what the patch says as it just surprise you at how funny it is. Here are a few of the most popular biker sued on patches.

Full Face vs Half Shell helmet

You can buy a helmet almost anywhere. As a result, many of us have a shelf full of helmets to show off our bad choices. Motorcycle helmets are generally subject to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (49 CFR 571.218) commonly referred to as the DOT standard. In addition, some helmets may be certified by the Snell Memorial Foundation. The fact that a helmet is certified by both Snell and DOT does not necessarily mean that it is superior, but the absence of a DOT certification is an invitation for a ticket from your local highway patrolman if you happen to be pulled over for any other violation.

8 Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets You Need To See

Half shell motor cycle helmets are the most popular helmets at the moment and they are an essential piece of kit that you need to have as a biker.

D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. meaning

In case you have not noticed lots of people wear a shirt with the writing on it as such”DILLIGAF.” Some people wear plain shirts and some are unique and like colors or designs all over a shirt. The meaning of DILLIGAF mean DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A F… However, some individuals get offended by the meaning but many think it is a strong statement and I agree also. The shirt is black with bold white letters of DILLIGAF to make the shirt stick out with its meaning.

Why to be a Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf comes from a meaning of being alone and not any part of a group. If you are the type of person who generally likes to work out a problem on your own or even work on a project then you can call yourself a Lone Wolf. Occasionally a young wolf will chose to leave the pack and set out on its own. As a result, this Lone Wolf usually grows to be a stronger mammal. The Lone Wolf acquires superior cunning imagination and skills. The Lone Wolf is often branded as the “rebel” who refuses to listen to foolishness and will use their own mind to decide if something is a certain way. The Lone Wolf also likes to experience the exciting way of life and take it all in and educate themselves. Someone who lives there life as a Lone Wolf generally works as a superior who makes important decisions without others influence. The Lone Wolf is also a metaphor for awareness and the detached mind. The Lone Wolf does not want others to slow them down for any reason.

The Second Amendment

When the Constitution was signed on September 17, 1789, federalists claimed the new government would only have limited powers expressly delegated to it. The Founding Fathers, having just broken away from Great Britain, understood the new federal government they were ratifying might one day become just as tyrannical. If it had the authority to control citizen access to firearms, then it could disarm them, just as the British attempted to do. This would make any attempts to restore liberties futile.

Ancient Hair Ringz

The Hair Ring is very popular piece to wear in your hair for style and it looks amazing and is a huge conversation piece. The Hair Rings are from the ancient times so that is something special about the piece you will be wearing. The elastic band holds the hair in and then you slide the hair ring over the elastic band as there will be a small piece in the hair ring that the elastic will wrap under. There are many designs and styles available. The elastic band is hidden and you are unable to view that so that makes this hair ring so unique and people always wonder how you got the hair ring in and they ask what is holding it in.

Guardian Bells

The Guardian Bell is a small metal peace in shape of bell and made casted from pewter. The Guardian Bell is hung on the bottom of the motorcycle. The meaning of the Guardian Bell is to ward off spirits and the evil will be trapped in the bell. The Guardian Bell meaning is really to keep you safe from mechanical problems on the road that people feel are evil spirits. Most people really believe the Guardian Bell is for good luck on the road and to be safe.

Custom Derby Cover

In this project, we had the chance to redesign and produce a motorcycle derby cover for the famed Harley Davidson. Working on top of anexisting derby cover, the client provided us with a concept artwork for thenew design. With the model file of the derby cover and the artwork in hand,we set out to do what we do best, turning visions into reality.

ABS on Harley-Davidson

The ABS brake option was offered first on motorcycles by BMW in 1988. In the Harley Davidson world it’s been around since 2005 in law enforcement service and in standard Touring models and V-Rods since 2008. ABS is now available on both Softail and Dyna models as well.

Oil Change Based On Miles

Should one change oil based on time or miles? Once the bike has been ridden any miles after the oil change should it be changed again before storage? I thought I would ask the experts! I thought I would ask the experts!