The Second Amendment

When the Constitution was signed on September 17, 1789, federalists claimed the new government would only have limited powers expressly delegated to it. The Founding Fathers, having just broken away from Great Britain, understood the new federal government they were ratifying might one day become just as tyrannical. If it had the authority to control citizen access to firearms, then it could disarm them, just as the British attempted to do. This would make any attempts to restore liberties futile.

Florida at it’s high in motorcycle fatalities

As we all know Bike Week is approaching this weekend. There will be more motorcycles on the road this weekend and maybe even the middle of the week for people traveling to Daytona from other states. Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety feels Florida will have the most motorcycle.

Biker patches and rules

Did you know that the three-piece biker patches started around 1924? Well, it surely did! To start with some history the AMA was founded in 1924 as an organization arm of Motorcycle Manufacturers and mainly supported by the Motorcycle Manufacturers to promote motorcycle riding in America.

What Your Home Says About You

When people enter your home, they can tell a lot about what kind of person you are. It’s important to choose furniture, colors and décor that reflects your personality. This not only tells the world who you are but having these things around you make you feel comfortable as well.

Why confederate flag still wave

The confederate flag have been the center of may controversies in the modern times. The flag was however the battle flag of the confederate army of Virginia during the civil wars. The flag was modified several times before due to the confusion it evokes with the national flag of USA. The greatest misconception with the flag is that it represents racism.

10 Statistics About Motorcycling That May Surprise You

Motorcycling has some of the coolest statistics attached to its name. Today, we're going to check out some of the most surprising statistics around, all in relation to the world of motorcycling. If you have time, make sure to check out these stats below, and see if you knew any of them or whether any surprised you.

Symbolism Of The Skulls

Perhaps the most prominent of the symbols you will see features the bold images of skulls and skeletons. Pirates, Bikers and others have adopted the symbols to represent their life styles.

What Every Motorcycle Rider Should Know

The key to staying safe riding your motorcycle is to be prepared and understand how to avoid risks. Motorcyclists are at a higher risk being on the road compared to a vehicle. Keep these things in mind to dramatically lower your risk for injury.

Five Favorite Motorcycle Destinations in US

Motorcycle riding is really fun and fanatics will agree with me that nothing can describe the feeling that one get when on a bike. A passionate rider experiences an adrenaline-charged sense of peace, freedom and at the same time feels the teasingly cool fresh air on the face. Riding is becoming a lifestyle in modern society leading to high demand for powerful bikes. Motorcycles are normally not for the faint hearted but for the brave. It is a good traveling mode for the tough looking macho guys who are always seeking for new adventures.

6 Hilarious Helmet Stickers You'll Love

Motorcycling stickers have to be some of the greatest and most hilarious stickers of all. With bold prints and large fonts, motorcycling stickers can be seen from afar and can illuminate another person's day with their wonderful wit and beautiful charm.