XL Heads Offered Over The Years

Unlike the Big Twins, there have been a lot of versions of Sportster and Buell heads offered over the years. This article is provided to shed some light on the differences between them.

Engine Street Performance

Your Harley's engine street performance is usually the best way to tune the carburetor. Due to different grades of gasoline, gasoline additives, altitudes and riding styles plug readings may differ from engine to engine. After bike has warmed up and idle speed has been set, it is now time for an initial test ride. While riding the motorcycle pay close attention to the off idle to 1/3 throttle position.

10 Motorcycle Quotes To Inspire You

Motorcycling is one of those glorious things that you can't help but fall in love with. Riding into the sunset, riding into the rain, it's an amazing thing.

Here are ten quotes on motorcycling to inspire you and reignite your love for motorcycling. They will refresh you, remind you of the thrill and energize you. Check them out!

17 Things You Probably Don't Know About Motorcycling

Motorcycling is one of the most exciting hobbies that a person can have. It brings speed, excitement and most of all, fulfillment to my life and your life. There are so many interesting aspects of motorcycling that gives me goosebumps when I find them out. In this article, I will reveal 17 things you probably don't know about motorcycling. You may know a few, you might know all of them or might know none of them. Whatever your expertise, there is sure to be some very wacky and crazy facts here! I hope you enjoy this article, and please make sure to share this on social media with all your fellow motorcycling buddies!

Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain

Driving a motorcycle is usually associated with nice weather. But it should not be too hot, because then no protective motorcycle clothing quite breathable. At the same time, however, no rain. Not only is this inconvenient, but many bikers is water on the road is less than or greater nightmare. Yet it all has to be controlled.

What You Should Get in Routine Inspection in Authorize Harley-Davidson

Most people’s perception of “periodic motorcycle inspection" is only an oil change. This is a big mistake! This is a set of operations, during which it reviewed the bike complete. There are things like brake fluid, which are change at regular intervals and some others are dependent on mileage.

What Biker Acronyms Mean

You have to admit there are so many different acronyms for bikers and not everyone knows what they mean. Biker abbreviation can be on a patch or a shirt or just anything really. You really want to know what they mean before you wear them. For example don’t wear a shirt to a professional job or church that say DILLIFAF because you may not be welcome back. If you do not know a meaning of something just ask a biker because they are happy to explain to you what something means.

Full Face vs Half Shell helmet

You can buy a helmet almost anywhere. As a result, many of us have a shelf full of helmets to show off our bad choices. Motorcycle helmets are generally subject to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (49 CFR 571.218) commonly referred to as the DOT standard. In addition, some helmets may be certified by the Snell Memorial Foundation. The fact that a helmet is certified by both Snell and DOT does not necessarily mean that it is superior, but the absence of a DOT certification is an invitation for a ticket from your local highway patrolman if you happen to be pulled over for any other violation.

D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. meaning

In case you have not noticed lots of people wear a shirt with the writing on it as such”DILLIGAF.” Some people wear plain shirts and some are unique and like colors or designs all over a shirt. The meaning of DILLIGAF mean DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A F… However, some individuals get offended by the meaning but many think it is a strong statement and I agree also. The shirt is black with bold white letters of DILLIGAF to make the shirt stick out with its meaning.

Why to be a Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf comes from a meaning of being alone and not any part of a group. If you are the type of person who generally likes to work out a problem on your own or even work on a project then you can call yourself a Lone Wolf. Occasionally a young wolf will chose to leave the pack and set out on its own. As a result, this Lone Wolf usually grows to be a stronger mammal. The Lone Wolf acquires superior cunning imagination and skills. The Lone Wolf is often branded as the “rebel” who refuses to listen to foolishness and will use their own mind to decide if something is a certain way. The Lone Wolf also likes to experience the exciting way of life and take it all in and educate themselves. Someone who lives there life as a Lone Wolf generally works as a superior who makes important decisions without others influence. The Lone Wolf is also a metaphor for awareness and the detached mind. The Lone Wolf does not want others to slow them down for any reason.