Guardian Bells

The Guardian Bell is a small metal peace in shape of bell and made casted from pewter. The Guardian Bell is hung on the bottom of the motorcycle. The meaning of the Guardian Bell is to ward off spirits and the evil will be trapped in the bell. The Guardian Bell meaning is really to keep you safe from mechanical problems on the road that people feel are evil spirits. Most people really believe the Guardian Bell is for good luck on the road and to be safe.

ABS on Harley-Davidson

The ABS brake option was offered first on motorcycles by BMW in 1988. In the Harley Davidson world it’s been around since 2005 in law enforcement service and in standard Touring models and V-Rods since 2008. ABS is now available on both Softail and Dyna models as well.

Oil Change Based On Miles

Should one change oil based on time or miles? Once the bike has been ridden any miles after the oil change should it be changed again before storage? I thought I would ask the experts! I thought I would ask the experts!

HONDA VTX 1800 biggest V-Twin

After my summer riding was time to have the bike serviced and for the second time that year I headed down to my mechanic. After talking in the shop for a while as they started to work on my bike I convinced the owner (or was it him that convinced me) to let me try a used Honda VTX 1800 he had just taken in.

Install VTX Shocks on The Supermagna

HONDA VTX SHOCK info/Installation Instructions Are there any options for new rear suspension? Yes. The shocks from the VTX 1300, 1800, and FAR are all bolt-on options to the Super. If you use any of these shocks as they are, they will lower the back of your bike a couple inches. In order to maintain stock height as much as possible, you will need to swap out the shock tops with those from the Super (You will need to make or borrow a spring compression tool to do this or have a dealer do it for you). Also, if you decide to use your new shocks as they are, you will need to slightly bend-out the leading edge of your grab rails in order to get the proper clearance.

V-Twin Oil Trouble Shooting Guide

1. Pressure gauge not reading properly – double check with another mechanical PSI gauge 2. Pressure relief valve in camplate leaking, sticking open or not seating properly – see Feuling camplate PSI test tool Part #9010 3. Pinched Oil Pump O-ring(s) 4. Camplate scored at oil pump mounting surface, pressure gears and or housing scored from debris running through oil pump 5. Camplate top plug not sealing, camplate leaking at oil passages – warped camplate

HD Sportster 883 VS. Honda Shadow RS

COMPARING CRUISERS MODELS from Harley-Davidson and Honda is like renewing a rivalry. The two titans of the heavy weight motorcycle market have always had their own variation of what a cruiser should look, sound and feel like. However, with the introduction of the Shadow RS, Honda is really taking the gloves off to vie for a share of Harley-Davidson’s ubiquitous Sportster market. The Shadow RS looks surprisingly similar to a Sportster, and it offers reasonable performance at a reasonable MSRP of $7799. But before the RS has even gotten off a clean shot, Harley-Davidson appears to have answered right back with its new XL883L Sportster SuperLow, the latest addition to the popular selling family of Milwaukee iron that debuted in 1955.

Colorful Chain Bracelets

The color does not ware off and the links are nice and strong. There are many sizes to choose from along with the color variety we have in stock. The crystals are Swarovski Crystals. They shine and the color you chose is a nice texture. The bracelet is stainless steel so this quality you are getting is excellent and will last a very long time. You can wear more than one bracelet on an arm and the colors just connect. This is a nice gift for someone or a nice treat for yourself. You can dress these up or down. The crystals are placed in the bracelet professionally and secure. The best part is the link is strong and should not just unhook at all unless you unhook the link.

How to Adjust Rear Shock on Softail

Harley Davidson continues to be generating motorcycles for above one hundred a long time. Early Harleys didn’t have a very rear suspension. The rear wheel on these early models was mounted rigidly to your frame, producing to get a very rough journey. Later types have come a long way with entirely adjustable rear suspensions. The rear shock absorbers on a Harley Davidson Softail may be adjusted up to carry heavier weights, or down to provide a smooth ride for a single rider. Place a hydraulic motorbike jack stand below the frame rails in the motorcycle.

Carburetor Tuning on Harley Davidson

Tuning your Harley Davidson carburetor is simpler than most feel and can be carried out with a handful of common tools. This easy method is a excellent Harley tech tip that applies to all Harley designs from 1989 to 2006 that use the CV (frequent velocity) fashion carburetor. Previously models equipped with the older butterfly style carburetors (pre-89 Evo's, Shovelheads, and Ironheads) are excellent candidates for upgrading to a more recent Harley CV carburetor.