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Why confederate flag still wave

The meaning of the confederate flag and why people still fly them

The confederate flag have been the centre of may controversies in the modern times. The flag was however the battle flag of the confederate army of Virginia during the civil wars. The flag was modified several times before due to the confusion it evokes with the national flag of USA. The greatest misconception with the flag is that it represents racism.

The flags are like the symbols of the country or any institution and their principles and pride. When it comes to flying the confederate flag, however, the concept related to it is not very clear to many who are not familiar to the flag itself. The people of the southern heritage who belong or believe in the principles of the confederate states of America, hoist this flag and are proud of doing so

The history of the flag

The flag did not immediately emerge as a symbol as it is seen today and it is basically a representation of the confederate side of the civil wars of America. It was a banner that was designed when the commanders of the confederate army of Virginia sought for a particular emblem as an alternative to the “stars and bars” which was the first national flag. The army was also called the army of the Potomac.

The changing pattern of the flag

The confederate flag was modified over time. The first was the “stars and bars” which was criticized since it was rather similar to the USA flag particular when it was hanging limp and hence created a lot of confusion. The next was the “stainless banner” which is till today the most popular and accepted symbol of the confederate. The last modification was called the “blood stained banner”.

The meaning of the confederate flag

Time and again many myths have evolved round the meaning of the confederate flag. The flag in the earlier times referred to the affection and love that the southerners had for their heritage. But with times, the flag’s meaning began to be manipulated such that it is the symbol of racism which it is absolutely not. It is simply a battle flag.

The pride for the flag

Those who recognise themselves with the Southern American culture hoist this flag even today despite much controversy centring the flag and its symbolism. . However following the flag and it’s the beliefs related to it does not mean that the person is a racist.

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