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What Your Home Says About You

When people enter your home, they can tell a lot about what kind of person you are. It’s important to choose furniture, colors and décor that reflects your personality. This not only tells the world who you are but having these things around you make you feel comfortable as well. A photo of your adventure or a clock shaped like your favorite bike will make you smile and recall that feeling of freedom at times when you have other responsibilities to attend to. Bring these mementos into your place of work to keep yourself relaxed.

If you love the outdoors and like the feel of nature, you will want to choose greens and wooden items. If you love the water, you will want to choose blue furniture and nautical décor. But what about cycle enthusiasts? These are people who like the feeling of being free. They enjoy life and crave adventure. Since they are bold in their approach to life in general it would make sense to have bold colors, furniture, and awesome cycle items around the house.

If you are the bold, rough and on-the-go type biker, choose black furniture with leathers and metals. Skulls and gears show your personality. If you are a street racer cyclist, choose bright and bold colors that reflect speed and flames. If you are a touring bike type, show plenty of photos and souvenirs from your adventures. All cyclist enthusiasts need cycle and biker décor such as miniature cycles and framed photos showing the fun and freedom you’ve experienced. If you know a biker, these items make great gifts and are always appreciated.

Your bike is a reflection of who you are so why not the inside of your home?

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