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Tomahawk Chrome Plated Handlebars

Manufacturer: V-Factor
SKU: 40030
Delivery date: 5-10 days
1" O.D. steel handlebars Tomahawk designed to be used with external throttle cables.
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1" O.D. steel handlebars designed to be used with external throttle cables
Pre-1982 type bars are smooth the entire length and are designed for 1972/1981 style switch housings
The 1982/Later type is dimpled for the 1982/Later style switch housings and are drilled for wire harness clips
Note: Not designed for models that have air forks with handlebar type air reservoir

Chrome Plated
Width: 30 1/2"
Rise: 2 1/2"
Pullback: 8"
Center Width: 7 1/2"