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The Day of The Dead: Facts and Cool Sugar Skull Motorcycling Products

The Day of The Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated in Central and Southern Mexico on November 1st and 2nd. It is usually the day after Halloween, as we would know here in the US and Europe. This special day is also becoming more popular with the US since, many people find the celebrations and beliefs fascinating and also that they want to honor their deceased relatives.

This is a very intriguing holiday and in this article, you'll learn some very interesting facts about the Day of the Dead and also, some cool motorcycling sugar skull products to celebrate it.

Ironically, this day occurs on the same days as in the Catholic Calendar that celebrate the deceased which are All Soul's and All Saints Day. Just like the Catholic days, the Day of the Dead honor those that have passed away and pray that they will come to meet them during the day.

The Events of The Day of The Dead

Mexicans who celebrate this day believe that the gateways to heaven are opened on 31st October at midnight and that all previously deceased children can come to visit and stay with their families for twenty four hours. This belief is similar to both Celtic traditions and pagan traditions from centuries ago.

On November 2nd, it is believed that the gateways of heaven will open for the adults and that they will come down to Earth to celebrate with their family and friends. They will take part in the many celebrations that the family have prepared for them.

To celebrate this day, a lot of preparation goes into the meals and festivities. Altars are created in each and every home and are topped with a range of foods for visitors both alive and dead. These foods can include stacks of tortillas, peanuts, lots of fruit and turkey mole. Also, a special type of bread dedicated for this day called pan de muerto.

To entertain the deceased children that come in midnight 31st October, toys and candles are arranged on the altar. To entertain the older, adult deceased relatives that come on the 2nd November, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks such as mescal are offered. Some families spend a whopping two months’ worth of income just to honor their dead relatives. However, this day is of very high significance in the calendar.

On the 2nd November, the living will honor their dead by going to the cemetery and cleaning their graves. They will then think nostalgically and solemnly of their relatives and will think about them whilst the local village band plays.

Sugar Skull Tradition

Sugar skulls are very popular in Mexico and are made usually during the Days of the Dead. They are extremely popular with children and are made by all the family as a way to celebrate. Sugar skulls are made with edible sugar and are then decorated with colourful icing and glittery ornaments which adorn the skull. Each sugar skull represents a deceased relative and the name of the soul is written on the forehead of the skull. They are then placed in a cemetery, usually on the gravestone of the soul it represents and are remembered dearly by their loved ones.

5 Sugar Skull Products You Should Check Out

1. Sugar Skull Hoodie

This black hoodie will help you to celebrate in the festivities of the Day of the Dead in fashion and in style. It features a red and white sugar skull, just like the sugar skulls made in Mexico on the front of the hoodie. It also has roses and white blooms along the side of the hoodie. This should definitely become a part of your wardrobe as its super fashionable and the Day of the Dead seems to be trending very well lately in the US. This hoodie is also made with 100% cotton so it will be super comfortable both in hot or cold temperatures.

2. Sugar Skull Headband

If you're looking for a beautiful way to tie up your hair whilst motorcycling, well check out this ultra-cool headband featuring a pretty pink sugar skull! This is a very soft headband in a nice pastel colour which is very comfortable to wear and will also keep your hair tied back all the time. Take a close look at the sugar skull and you will see how intricately decorated it is from the pink jewels to the grey wings that it has.

3. Little Girls T-Shirt

This cute little tee is perfect for the daughter or niece in your life that loves to be a little quirky with their clothing choices. Since sugar skulls are adored by children all over the world, this would make the perfect gift for a young girl. The skull takes up most of the t-shirt and is adorned with a lot of decorations including stars for his eyes, a rose on his forehead and even diamonds! They will definitely love you for it! It is also made with cool and comfortable cotton (100%) so you don't have to worry about any artificial fabrics.

4. Sugar Skull Pin

If you'd like a smaller sugar skull, then try out this sugar skull pin! You can attach it onto your leather jacket or pants and still look fashionable without getting too showy. Its heavy duty and also pewter free. Plus, you get the benefit that this is hand carved. If you look at the detail in the pin, you really will be astonished.

5. Sugar Skull Knitted Cap

This is a real beauty of a cap and really shows how intricate but amazing a sugar skull design can be. With stars for eyes and a heart for a nose, this beautiful sugar skull looks so delightful on the cap. Just check out the detail!

This cap is perfect for those winter motorcycle rides that you love to go on or just for a blustery day out in the countryside when riding your bike. This cap will keep your head and hair dry and toasty, there's no doubt about that. It's an essential must have for your accessories collection! It can also be worn under a helmet and will fit very well, so there is no need to worry about that.

A Valuable Lesson

Perhaps, the real lesson we can learn from the Day of The Dead is not the celebration of death, but rather the celebration of life. We realize how short life really is and that we have to live in the present moment for every living second of our time here on Earth. By wearing the sugar skull hoodies, you will always remember the Day of the Dead and that life deserves to be enjoyed now rather than when we're older. Because life is shorter than we think and time passes on too quickly.

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