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The 2017 Biker's House Decoration Gift Guide

The New Year has sprung upon us at last, and many of us are heading back to work and education after the holiday season. If you're like me, you probably want to add some fresh 2017 vibes to your home through decorations, paintings, or whatnot. As a lover of motorbikes myself, whenever I see a painting or poster of a Harley Davidson, it instantly fills me with warm emotions.

Why not treat yourself to a cool painting to celebrate this 2017 year? As the popular saying goes, it's out with the old and in with the new . . . and that means you can add a decoration or two to your household so you can face 2017 with a bang.

If you're a biker and you enjoy those moments of bliss as you ride down a road, you may want to capture your love of biking within your home! Here at Cycle Heart, we have every kind of biking-themed house decoration available, and in this comprehensive guide, we've picked out some of the coolest house decorations. Even placing one of these decorations in a lonely corner or empty wall can instantly brighten any room, and give it a fresh punch.

1. Harley Davidson Picture Frame

This authentic photo frame instantly elicits those feel-good memories of riding our bikes down a quiet country lane. It's slightly roughened marble finish certainly has a quirky appeal to it, because of its sheer realness.

The frame's marbled texture could almost speak philosophy if we asked it to. Perhaps, the frame's texture suggests that everything is imperfect and blemished, but even if it is, it still owns an immortal and pure quality. The marbled finish runs through the entire frame, changing colours as it goes, embracing the marks of time's passing.

The bold Harley Davidson logo adds a dashing message to this frame, and it will be a photo frame that would proudly hold any photograph you own. Place this in any of your rooms, or on any mantelpiece or table, and it will instantly inject energy into any room.

2. Live To Ride

I love this frame personally, because of its bright colours and bold print. I, myself, adore picture frames like this, because they delightfully capture the joys of biking and can help preserve that essence found within the biking experience.

Want a wild picture frame? The orange flame is probably one of the most energetically uplifting embellishments available to add to a picture frame. Its orange colour and yellowing rim promotes vitality, well-being, health, and even, your love for biking!

The beautiful combination between the wheel and flame work crisply and superbly together, but they also create a positive atmosphere around the flame. Certainly, if you place your favorite photo in this frame, the embellishment and bold slogan "Live To Ride" both create an exciting, stimulating mood.

3. Let's Ride Picture Frame

Who doesn’t like woody, traditional picture frames? This picture frame has all the hallmarks of a beautifully crafted frame, because of its finish and bold print. Its slogan can be seen from anywhere, but it's also the painting of the bike which captivates me, whenever I look at it.

The bike featured emits nostalgic vibes, and every time I look at it, the bike reminds me of all my days spent biking through country lanes and city streets. However, it's not just the experience of biking I enjoy most. For me, it's that nostalgic, warm emotion that accompanies the frame. That nostalgia binds with the traditional aspect of the frame, from its wood to its chunky typeset.

Without a doubt, inserting any picture into this frame will do the job, and it will help unleash all those emotions that accompanied you whenever you were with family, friends, or just your bike.

4. Biker Chick Picture Frame

This picture frame is perfect for any ladies who want to add a feminine touch to their surroundings. Combined with this frame's message "Biker Chick" and it's beautifully ornate heart and wings embellishment, this frame has all the hallmarks of femininity.

If you know of any woman in your life that loves biking, such as your wife, girlfriend, or daughter, you can gift them with this frame and it will be a memento they can keep forever. Perhaps they have some pictures of themselves from the holiday season and they want to relive these moments. Thanks to this frame, all they have to do is pop their picture in the frame, and their memory will be immortalized forever within this ethereal frame.

5. Eternal Pyre Ashtray

This ashtray is sure to get some jealous looks from friends should it be placed on any table; even if you don't smoke, just placing this on any table will make it a bold and striking centerpiece! Often times, ashtrays can be pieces of art. People may believe that they need to be functionally used in order to be admired, but this ashtray looks to me more like an ornate and powerful work of art which embodies all that of skull-themed design.

See it for yourself; try placing this ashtray on an empty shelf or as the centerpiece of a coffee table, and it will instantly add some energetic vibrancy to its surroundings.

Sure, the skulls themselves represent death and decay, but for me, personally, I find them rejuvenating, because they remind me that I have one life to live and one alone, so I should do the most I can with my current life. Also, I'm just an incredible fan of skulls, so that helps too!

6. Skull Lamp Black

For sure, this eclectic and quirky lamp will add an entirely new atmosphere to any room. Even just placing this lamp in the corner will unleash add a modern and unique touch. I actually adore this lamp because it's both functional and beautiful.

You can use it as a perfect lampshade, but it is also a piece of contemporary artwork, in my opinion. The skull's eyes are integrated into the functional design of the lampshade so that when you flick the lampshade's lights on, the skull's eyes will glow! Both kids and adults alike will enjoy this facet of the lampshade and will find much amusement out of it.

Certainly, this lampshade is bold and striking, perhaps a little "out there", but if you don't take bold risks, you may never realize all the enjoyment you can get out of this lampshade. It's not for everyone's tastes, mainly because of its incredibly powerful design, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider it!

7. Born To Ride Harley Davidson Picture Frame

If you've got a little one in the family, this picture frame will effectively capture a photo of them forever. You can even buy a frame now, place a cute picture of them in it, and gift it to them when they turn eighteen! It would remind them of their motorbike-loving parents, the nostalgia of being young, and the memories they had as a child.

And if you don't have any children or nieces/nephews in the family, you can always put a picture of yourself when you were a little baby within. It's a cool idea for sure, and I'm sure it'll evoke the warm nostalgia of being a very young child once more.

While a kid is growing up, this picture frame can set a standard so you can see how old they've turned or much they have changed in the last year or two. Whatever age your child is, whether they're young or a teenager, they'll find much amusement out of this frame. It serves as a wonderful keepsake and memento, for sure.

Why Consider These Products for 2017?

Whether you're thinking of redecorating your home with some extra paintings, a little is always a lot. Even a single poster placed correctly can have maximum impact and add a fresh, thrilling wave of emotive feeling to any room.

Many people associate the New Year with redecoration, but that doesn't mean you need to extensively refurbish the entire room (such as wallpaper and tiles). A lot of the time, a single well-placed house decoration can breathe new life into any room and help you relive the intense emotions of being a biker once more.

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