Power House 12 Volt Lead Acid Batteries For All Models 240cca

Manufacturer: Power House
SKU: 10039
Batteries are made in the USA by Yuasa
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Weight: 12.91
Batteries are made in the USA by Yuasa (except those noted with Import below). They are the same batteries that are made for Harley-Davidson®. Our POWER HOUSE Standard line features patented separators that allow two extra plates per cell for 30% more power. Our POWER HOUSE Hi-Torque Low Maintenance line features 5% to 8% more cold cranking power than our standard high output series and less maintenance is required because of advanced lead calcium technology instead of conventional lead antimony, so water loss due to gassing is reduced by 90%. By incorporating the latest in battery technology, each POWER HOUSE and Hi-Torque battery delivers the ultimate in value.

Note: All Batteries are shipped dry without acid and include instructions on how to fill the battery with acid. Terminal hardware and a vent tube is also included. See electric section for POWER HOUSE PLUS Maintenance Free Batteries.

Fits FL & FLH 1965/1984 & Sportster Electric Start 1967/1978 (Except XLCR)
240 Cold Cranking Amps, 28 Standard Amp Hours
8 1/16" Long x 5 3/16" Wide x 6 1/2" Tall
Terminal Location: + on LH, - on RH
JIS# YHD-12, Replaces HD# 66007-84