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Drakul's Mirror Necklace

Framed in his gigantic, decaying entrance hall, hangs the glass in which he will never see himself.

Drakvlya Gem Necklace

A surviving, authentic 17th Century bat cut-out, now rendered to symbolize the immortal Prince of Wallachia.

Dudley's Jewel Pendant

The magnificent rapier of the celebrated courtier, and alleged secret lover of The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth 1, Robert Dudley.

Empyrian Eye: Tears From Heaven Pendant

The eye of God, shedding tears of grief for humanity as he regards the world from the highest firmament.

Enlightenment: Astral Dragon Quadrant Locket

A hidden portrait locket developed from a rare 16th Century instrument.

Epiphany of St. Corvus Necklace

The dove of peace and love conjoins with the raven of conflict and battle, harmonizing in romantic redemption.

Eventide Necklace

The alluring scene is set for romantic and seductively dangerous engagements with mother of pearl moon and 9 Swarovski crystal stars.

Flaming V Pendant

The iconic instrument of the rock and metal axeman is totally on fire!

Foundryman's Ring Cross Pendant

The symbol of the old faith embodied and covertly embedded in the gears and steel of the iron worker's soul.

Funeral for a Paramour Necklace

A tangled confusion of love, devotion and mourning for a impassioned and devastating loss.

God's Acre Necklace

The tangle of undergrowth smothers the remaining traces of mortal life once loved and revered with large Swarovski amethyst cross crystal.

Gothic Devotion Pendant

One of the most potent and widely used amulets in the world, the cross, here in the form of the Apostle's Cross.

Gothic Matrimony Necklace

Tying the knot with a touch of romantic darkness.

Helm of Awe Pendant

This raven's skull has been engraved upon its head with the Icelandic stave symbol.

Herz Leben Pendant

A gothsised symbol of eternal life, the ankh, melded subtly with the background heart.

Huntsman's Man-Tamer Necklace

An elegant, if minacious masterpiece from the esteemed inventor of the 1740 cut-throat razor the 'propre radet' scroll means 'a close shave'.

Inamorato Locket

This locket has brass hinges and a magnetic catch. A decorative cast pewter key, embellished with a Swarovski crystal, hangs from the heart.

Isaiah 14:29 Pendant

The eye of God bears down on the Philistines, threatening impending doom.

Kaspar's Axe Pendant

A heavy blade to swathe through the hoards.

Kiss of the Night Pendant

Discreetly toking the owner's alternative tendencies, a classic Gothic image.

La Belle Esprit Necklace

A huge and confident statement of opulence and a taste for exotic pleasures.

La Nuit Pendant

A crystal luxuriance on the wings of the night.

Love Imprisoned Pendant

This delicately sculpted, barbed wire heart, holds a hanging Swarovski heart shaped crystal.

Moulin Rouge Vampire Necklace

The wings of a temptress in Parisian art nouveau, crystallized in shades of dusk, when the sybarites come out to play.

My Soul from the Shadow Necklace

The mysterious chance visit of a raven is witness to a forlorn young lover’s desperate search for reason and hope,

Natural Magic: The Lore of The Forrest Pendant

The eye of an ent, a giant, talking tree and oldest, wisest being to exist in the dark world of the Middle Ages.

Norsemen Raider's Cross Pendant

Business as usual for the barbaric, converted pagans.

O Fortuna Pendant

This winged, pentagram pendant has detailed feathered wings, embedded with six small, clear Swarovski crystals.

Occisi Morte Pendant

The suffering corpse is labelled with the Latin for 'Killed By Death' suspended on a cut-out, black leather cross.

Om Strygia Pendant

A Vampire bat of Balkan severity and proportions.

Ordium Coelestium Mechanicum Necklace

This pendant is based upon the revolutionary theories of the great Enlightenment polyhistor, Nicolaus Copernicus.

Osbourne's Cross Pendant

Sign of a priest of darkness pendant.

Penta Gramatron Necklace

The most powerful of supernatural, magical talismans, the pentagram, quintuplised empowered to the value of five with a further.

Pinkington's Precision Warp-Dissection Shears Necklace

Preemptive nanotechnology instrument for precisely cutting the fabric of time articulated tri-tone pewter with Swarovski crystal adornments.

Posion Ivy Necklace

On forest green organza ribbon, with cream rose & green Swarovski crystal 'pearls'.

Ravenine Pendant

The raven, a symbol of protection, information and dark secrets from early times in history.