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    Motorcycle Mist-N-Shine

    Wizards Mist-N-Shine for Motorcycles, 22 oz.
    Manufacturer: Wizards
    SKU: 22214

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    Delivery date: 3-5 days

    Adds a show-winning gloss and slickness.
    Brightens paint, chrome, plastics.
    Hides swirls, will not scratch* or streak*, even in direct sunlight.
    Anti-static, perfect for spot cleaning or "dry washing" to remove dust, bugs, oily fingerprints and more.
    Contains no wax, solvents or silicone.
    Enhances gloss and protection between polishing with Shine Master™.
    Shines motorcycles, cars, boats...even mirrors at home.
    Size 22oz

    Products specifications
    Shipping NoteHazardous materials, such as motor oil, aerosol cans, or chemicals, must be shipped via ground shipping. Unfortunately, no exceptions may be made.

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