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Maintenance Free Battery for 2002-Up Harley VRSC V-Rod

Manufacturer: Power House
SKU: 10024
Delivery date: 3-5 days
Maintenance Free Battery for 2002-Up Harley VRSC V-Rod.
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Maintenance Free Battery
Maintenance free design eliminates the need to ever add water to the battery
Sealed enclosure allows mounting the battery in any position (except upside-down)
To help improve vibration resistance, the battery acid is absorbed between the plates with fine microfiber glass mats (AGM)
Internal gas pressure is valve regulated to prevent any water loss (VRLA)
AGM & VRLA, combined with lead-calcium grid plates, provide more cold cranking amps than lead acid type batteries with up to three times the life span
Includes a sulfation retardant that dramatically reduces the battery killing plate sulfation that is commonly associated with conventional batteries
Extremely slow rate of self-discharge when not in use, but must be slow charged at least every three months if not in service
Includes cable mounting hardware
200 cold cranking amps, 12 amp hours
Terminal Location: + on left hand, - on right hand

6" inches long x 3 7/16" inches wide x 5 3/4" inches tall

2002-up Harley VRSC V-Rod models

Note: This battery includes a separate battery acid pack and must be used to fill the battery before use (except 10023 and 10049, these come pre-filled and charged) . The metered acid pack delivers the precise amount in a safe and controlled manner. Filling and charging instructions are included. Not Shippable by Air.