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    Harley-Davidson V-Rod Shorty Shocks

    Premium gas shorty shocks for Harley-Davidson V-Rod models. Available length 10.5 ~ 11.5 Inch. Item is sell as pair (set of two).
    Manufacturer: MB Products

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    Delivery date: 3-5 days

    Harley-Davidson V-Rod Shorty Shocks

    Premium shocks are superior to regular hydraulic shocks because air in the shock is replaced by pressurized nitrogen gas. This advancement in technology prevents bubbles from forming in the hydraulic fluid. These bubbles, called foaming, reduces the ability of shocks to provide resistance and prevent bounce. Gas shocks also quicken the response of a shock's movement thereby increasing comfort and control under all conditions.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For Harley-Davidson Night Rod models lower size you can have is 11.5" before start fender hitting tire.

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    Item Sell AsPair (Set of 2)
    Shipping NoteShocks are custom build. Please give us a little time. Usually ship from our shop in 1 to 4 days.
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