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Genuine Stainless Steel Rings

Have you all ever felt how heavy pure stainless steel is? You can tell if the ring is 100% stainless steel or just a mix of additive with some stainless steel. You can get your piece wet without any rust or black tarnish appearing if the ring is pure stainless steel.

You have to be aware that many people state a ring is stainless when the ring truly just has other active ingredients like a coated urea-formaldehyde polymer which is treated under elevated temperatures and sub-atmospheric pressures among other active ingredients which if I said them all it is just like reading another language so to speak so I will not bore you with that. People who like the metallic finish and require the piece of jewelry capable of withstanding moisture without tarnish or corrosion then stainless steel is a very affordable and wise option.

I love that the biker stainless steel rings have so many different shapes and very durable. I mean I can drop the ring esp. and the ring will not bend like gold does etc. Plus, I love the prices on these and many of the pieces are so unique and real conversation pieces. These are over thousands of different skull rings with several different designs and even if you are not into skulls there are other biker stainless steel designs such as motorcycle club rings if approved by the club and or even Military rings of all branches of the Military.

There are several pieces of stainless steel rings that have stood out to me in fact. The Alien Skull Ring is very cool because this ring has the large black eyes and veins on the skull. I like that this ring does not have too much or too little. Some people like things that are extravagant but me, I like simple but yet different. Another ring has been brought to my attention called the Eye Patch Skull Ring because the one eye is with a lab created ruby stone set in tight with strong stainless-steel prongs to keep the stone in and the other eye has a star to cover the other eye with a crown on the side with one long vein on the front of the skull. This ring shows power to me and strength.

For the woman, I have got opinions on the Crown ring as that ring is pretty but simple and stick out with meaning. This ring is stainless steel shaped as a crown with black crosses and smooth inside the ring for comfort and wear.

The Military men and woman like the rings that state their branch as that ring is simple and just states which branch they served and sticks out. When we serve we are proud here in America and happy to show we served. Serving makes a strong person with Honor and courage and much more.

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