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Florida at it’s high in motorcycle fatalities

As we all know Bike Week is approaching this weekend. There will be more motorcycles on the road this weekend and maybe even the middle of the week for people traveling to Daytona from other states. Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety feels Florida will have the most motorcycle.

Fatalities in the nation. Florida does not require you to wear a helmet so fatalities have more than doubled. Some people feel helmets are not needed in saving a life but bottom line is they save lives. Motorcyclists account for a good one-fifth of motor vehicle fatalities in the state of Florida, while only making up about seven percent of licensed motorists according to other insurance companies. Remember, Daytona week for many is something the biker looks forward to all year and there will be many on the road so please be cautious and not only of yourself but others around you.

Here are some safety tips for motorists:

  • Stay at the same speed
  • Respect motorcycle riders. Motorcycles are vehicles too and have the same privileges as an automobile, so be sure to give ample room.
  • Look and Listen. Even if a motorcycle is loud, don’t expect to hear it.
  • Be cautious when you take turns or change lanes.
  • Stop at stop signs and do not assume no one is coming because they can come and someone will get injured or death
  • Check your turn signals

Here are safety tips for bikers

  • Make sure you are visible to others
  • Use clear judgement when changing lanes and stick to the speed limit
  • Make sure you have proper training in riding
  • Wear a helmet and other safety wear
  • Check your brakes, turn signals ect most of all your HORN

Have fun and be smart so you all go home safely and leave with a nice memory of Daytona

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