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    Fear No One Zippered Hoodie

    If you scare easy, then this all-over printed zippered hoodie might not be for you.
    Manufacturer: Club Chaos
    SKU: 15336

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    Fear No One. And as the gory skeleton dances among the backdrop of flames from Hell itself, you can show the world that you are not afraid to confront the monster. As far as you are concerned, the bony evil apparition can dance until his bones turn into a pile of ash.With your Hoodie on, you are invincible. You can relax and enjoy the picture of evil witgher and evaporate in the hot flame, a flame that you know how to escape. Because you Fear No Evil ever since you learned that one simple prayer, the one that flashes across the front of your incredible Evil Proof Hoodie.
    The prayer begins with: Our Father which ... and ends in a pile of smoke and ashes where evil has been destroyed. Your Fear No Evil Hoodie will continue to serve as protection against the evil we all face. As long as you remember the words inscribed on your hoodie, you will be invincible.

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    StyleHoodies & Sweat Shirts
    Size TypeRegular

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