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How do I find what I am looking for?
We have organized the products based on categories. If you are looking for a headlight, all you need to do is click on the headlights category. In this category, you will also find subcategories with different types of products. This system works the same way in each category.

Can I search for a specific product?
If you have a product's name, the easiest way to locate it is by using our site search at the top of the page. If you cannot locate the product, you can click on the Ask an Expert button on the right hand side of the home page. Sometimes a product may simply be temporarily out of stock, and our experts can advise you on that status.

What are your best selling products?
Best Sellers are kept updated and we feature them in our best selling products category. These are the products that are consistently popular with our users.

What currency is used on the site?
All of our prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Why is it safe to purchase here?
Our customers need not worry about security issues, as our network and proprietary software architecture are PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security compliant. Using the PCI Data Security Standard as it's framework, CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) provides the tools and measurements needed to protect against cardholder data exposure and compromise across the entire payment industry.

ScanAlert, a program that acts like a hacker, probing for all known ways to break into servers, polices our LAN (Local Area Network) for being hacker-proof. In this way, hackers are stopped even before they get started. Verisign provides us with 128-bit encryption protocol with secure keys, which further ensures our customers against hackers and tampering. Our site certification can be verified by clicking on the HackerSafe and Verisign banners on the site.

It should be noted also, that in order to fulfill orders we may be required to give your information to 3rd parties such as US Mail or UPS. Those companies are required by us to protect your information and privacy.

How do I order online?
Add products to your shopping cart.
Click on the View Cart or Check Out button to see and edit the items in your cart.
Click on the button that says, "Checkout".
Complete the online form.
Fill out your shipping address.
Choose a shipping method.
Fill out your credit card information through our secure form.
After completing order you will get an invoice number and information on how to track your order.

Can I purchase outside of the United States?
We accept orders and ship to the United States and Canada, Orders out of US required $50 extra for shipping.

What if I get notified of an order I did not make?
Please contact us. Our orders usually ship very quickly. If your order has shipped we suggest you refuse delivery and the order will be returned to us and your card credited.

Please refer to our return policy if you have questions concerning refunds on merchandise ordered.

Who is sending my order to me?
Cycle uses multiple distributors, similar to other large retail websites. If your order consists of more than one item, it is possible that your order may be shipped in multiple packages depending on availability of items at each distributor, or the products you select.

Can you ship to military addresses?
Orders are shipped via US Mail to all military addresses per military regulations. ***Priority US Mail Shipping. Delivery within 1-3 weeks. $7***
We cannot ship via UPS.
Mail addressed to military post offices overseas is subject to certain conditions or restrictions of mailing regarding content, preparation, and handling. Please refer to the APO/FPO table and the RESTRICTIONS.

It outlines these conditions by APO/FPO ZIP Codes through the use of footnoted mailing restrictions codes (see the Restrictions page following the table).

Cycle Heart is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred or for the retention of your order by customs if it does not pass inspection and you will not be refunded. The customer is responsible for all expenses in these circumstances.  

What do I do if my package has been damaged?
Our boxes are sealed shut with plain brown packing tape. If you receive a package that looks like it has been opened and resealed with clear packing tape, this means your order has been tampered with while in possession of the shipping company. If you like, you can refuse delivery and then contact us for refund or exchange. You may accept the package as it might be fine, but if not, we can still help you, but please understand that problems with that order are probably the fault of the shipper and not us. (This rule may not apply to items with a product number that starts with "cnv" as those are shipped from different locations that may or may not use brown packing tape.)

How can I find out when my order will arrive?
If a registered customer of Cycle you can track your order online. You must be logged to track your order.

If you are not a registered, you can still track your order with your UPS or USPS tracking number. Contact UPS or US Mail with your tracking number to see if they have information on when your package will arrive.

If contacting the shipping company does not help, Contact Us.

Things to consider with Express Shipping options.
Most orders are shipped the same day, however some items require special processing or are manufactured on an as ordered basis. These items will ship express as soon as they are available.

Orders placed after 3:00pm EST will not be processed for shipping until the following work day. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday are processed the following Monday.

Storms and other events outside of our control may hamper shipping of orders. Please check your order status with the shipper in these cases.

Can I change or cancel my order after checkout?
Your order is received and authorized against your credit card immediately. It reaches the distributor and is entered into their automated system upon authorization and begins processing.

Due to the volume of orders received, it is not possible to interrupt this process to make a change to your order or to cancel your order once it has been placed. It has already been authorized against your card and has begun the packing process and/or may have shipped.