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DOT Approved Helmets

The DOT stands for “Department of Transportation” and these are the best helmets to purchase for safety. It can be a challenge to determine the proper fit. We do have a size chart to help this possible for your fit and safety. Helmets cannot be returned for safety issues as the same goes for car seats for example. This is for the next persons safety. Getting a helmet online does give you a chance to really save your money for the everyday finances that come about. When you shop online, make sure the company has a size chart and if they don’t I would back off from buying there unless you do not care about risking the chance you may be stuck with a helmet you do not want. Some companies do offer to take them back and re sale as used at a discounted price but you will most likely be charged percentage of the sale and refunded a smaller amount which is fair as the retailer cannot re sell at the same price as I am sure you do not want to pay full price even if discounted if the helmet was returned (used) and that is what the helmet would legally be considered. My best suggestion is go to a Helmet store and try on their sizes of the same type of helmet and take note of it and if the stores helmets are overpriced get it online. The stores get there items online also so you mind as well beat the high cost and be a smart shopper.

Remember, Fitment is based on science and is backed by the DOT safety standards. The motorcycle you ride has nothing to do with the fit of the helmet. You want a new helmet to fit snug around any part of your head that would be covered by a baseball cap. Don’t get me wrong you don’t want to be in pain and squeezing your head. If you feel pinching or pressure you do not want that fit and this includes the back of the head, forehead and temples. But, please keep in mind with a NEW helmet the sides of your face should be tightly compressed especially around the cheeks. This will feel strange and a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. To give you an awesome example you should not be able to chew gum and may not be able to speak clearly with a new helmet. I know it is a challenge but for the safety it is worth the aggravation.

Some people feel helmets are not safe and have that right to their own opinion but for us we feel helmets are a safety shield. I mean, if I was gone to fall on a hard rock face down, I would like to have anything to protection that fall. Yes, you can injure your neck and could be more than an injury but the lives saved with helmet safety wear is overwhelming in numbers saved. Remember, measure your head correctly and or go to a helmet store to try them on before ordering online. When you are ready to order and do your research you most likely will be saving an average of 20%.

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