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D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. meaning

In case you have not noticed lots of people wear a shirt with the writing on it as such”DILLIGAF.” Some people wear plain shirts and some are unique and like colors or designs all over a shirt. The meaning of DILLIGAF mean DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A F… However, some individuals get offended by the meaning but many think it is a strong statement and I agree also. The shirt is black with bold white letters of DILLIGAF to make the shirt stick out with its meaning.

There are so many people looking for a shirt to wear with meaning to show there personality. Also, did you know that in Lake Worth Canada a store owner had the sign in the window with the letters DILLIGAF and was court ordered to take down the sign? The court ordered the store owner to pay one thousand dollars because this type of apparel violated their village ordinance. I cannot believe how strict any biest others are. If they do not like something or are offended then I say just don’t look at it or wear it. That is an easy solution!

Lots of motorcycle type of people wear this shirt and like to be themselves and their moto is if you don’t like what they’re doing or wearing and especially saying then they do not give a F… Worry about yourself period. Were you all aware who started the DILLIGAF? Well, I will tell you Bohica Bill did in 2003. DILLIGAF is for the light hearted souls who are just looking for a few laughs in life. If you’re not light hearted then don’t wear the DILLIGAF shirt. If you are light hearted then wear the shit out of it. If you’re having a bad day this shirt will enlighten your mood. Too bad most people care not able to wear this shirt at work. I am sure everyone would wear this shirt at their job if they were allowed. Who wouldn’t? I am thinking of wearing my shirt to work Friday!

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