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Deliver Us From Evil Gold Foil Zippered Hoodie

Manufacturer: Club Chaos
SKU: 15298
Delivery date: 3-5 days
"The Deliver Us From Evil” hoodie might be what you need.
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This bold Hoodie’s inscription pleads: “Deliver Us From Evil". The writing is dramatically festooned and scrawled across the Hoodie along with ornate liturgical and street symbols, somewhat reminiscent of Medieval times. The style and closely captures styles worn by ancient knights to protect them from the unknown evils that lurked in the shadows. Similar styles were worn by the evil knaves, the lurkers, who awaited an opportunity to destroy the forces of righteous knights who pursued them. 
The chain and cross imprinted across the chest stands as a symbol of power and glory and as protection against the forces of evil that lie in wait on the streets and byways of the hood. The red and white patterns offers a bold contrast against the deep black coloration of the hoodie.
The backside is the business side and represents the constant interaction of law and order and crime on the streets. The automatic pistol paired with handcuffs warns of the consequences that can befall the shooters. This Club CHAOS Hoodie is intended for the brave. Are you?

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