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Custom Derby Cover

Custom Derby CoverIn this project, we had the chance to redesign and produce a motorcycle derby cover for the famed Harley Davidson. Working on top of anexisting derby cover, the client provided us with a concept artwork for thenew design. With the model file of the derby cover and the artwork in hand,we set out to do what we do best, turning visions into reality.

Challenges Ahead
One of the first challenges we face is on the artwork itself. With sophisticated and organic details, there is simplyno way to make a truthful representation of that from within the computer. On the other hand, as the entire cover iscircled by the bandolier detail, it is simply impossible to keep them aligned symmetrically in the hand sculptingprocess. Also of concern is the size. To be able to cut such a big piece we have to resort to large-scale CNC mills inproduction, as well as a large-scale plastic injector in the latter stages of the production.

The Workflow
The concept artwork provided comes with an imposing skull motif, flanked by glorious spreadingwings. These delicate and fluidic details are truthfully reproduced by our resident sculpting artist with clay into thespecified dimensions. The sculpted piece is then scanned in detail by the NEO HD3000 Laser Scanner into a CADfile. Combining the scanned model with the digitally created bandolier details, design elements are finalized beforefinally merging with the pre-existing derby cover surface, again from within the CAD software.

From concept art to a sculpted piece to a final product, the entire project took only 10 days with merely 4 hoursspent on laser scanning, and 2 hours spent on cleaning up the background noises in the scan.


With the concept artwork in hand, the more delicate details as in the skull & wings are hand-sculptedwith clay to the specified dimensions.

DerbyCover004The sculpted piece is then scanned in high resolution by NEO HD3000 Laser Scanner into a CAD file. The bandolier detail is created digitally, before merging with the scanned CAD file.

After finalizing all design elements, the new design is applied to the surface of a derby coverwithin the CAD software.
DerbyCover007The piece is first cut in polycarbonate to test the tool paths. Once it’s all set a large-scale CNC mill is in use for production. Zinc Die Casting was then performed. From the concept artwork to a finished product, the whole project took only 6 days with merely 4 hours spent on laser scanning and 2 hours spent on cleaning up the background noise in the scan.

Innovations NEO HD3000 Laser Scanner is no doubt a crucial part for the speed and quality this project isexecuted. Powered by NEOScan technologies, the HD3000 is more than equipped to scan thesculpted clay prototype in minute detail. Aside from this, basic manipulation like resizing can bedone easily from within the scanning software. With the NEO HD3000 Laser Scanner, all detailsare represented beautifully and accurately in a relatively short period of time.

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