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    Complete Jiffy Stand With Weld-On Mount For 2" Frame

    Complete jiffy stand with weld-on mount for 1-3/8" or 2" O.D frame.
    Manufacturer: V-Factor
    SKU: 29919

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    Delivery date: 5-10 days

    Internal spring
    Minimalist design provides the look and function deserving of a true chopper
    Internal spring with a ball type detent to help improve ground clearance
    Adjustable stop to keep the retracted jiffy stand from contacting the primary drive
    Hidden pivot bolt for a clean appearance
    Raw cast steel mount for easy welding
    Measures 9" from the frame rail to the bend
    Foot measures 2 1/2"
    Chrome plated complete kit
    Fits 2" O.D. Frame Rail


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