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    Cigarette Lighter Adapter Quick Disconnect Use W/ 12V Models

    Deltran Battery Tender Black Cigarette Lighter Adapter
    Manufacturer: Battery Tender
    SKU: 14205

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    Deltran Battery Tender Black Cigarette Lighter Adapter - black quick diconnect
    Allows you to charge 12 volt models only by connecting the Battery Tender battery charger to the cigarette lighter
    Adapter will only work with cigarette lighters that stay hot when the vehicle is off
    The lighter must be energized when the ignition is off to charge the battery
    Simply plug the Battery Tender Cigarette Lighter Adapter into the lighter and into your Battery Tender 12 volt
    Battery charger, which must be plugged into a standard wall AC outlet
    The Battery Tender battery charger will maintain the charge of the 12 volt battery