Bulb Tombstone Taillight 1947-1954 Harley Big Twin

Manufacturer: V-Factor
SKU: 11209
Chrome Bulb Type Tombstone Taillight 1947-1954 Harley Big Twin.
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Available in your choice of the bulb type or the LED (light emitting diode) type. The bulb type uses a standard automotive #1157 or our 11801 incandescent dual contact bulb. The LED type uses 45 red LEDs for the brake/taillight and three blue LEDs for the license illumination. LEDs are not affected by vibration or moisture and have an incredible life span. The LEDs do not produce any power robbing heat and draw only 4.5 watts of power as opposed to the 29.4 watts of power that the incandescent bulb draws. These 12 volt taillights feature a die cast housing and include a rubber fender gasket. License mount and hardware is also included.

Note: These taillight assemblies are not DOT approved and should be used accordingly.
Chrome Plated Bulb type Tombstone Taillight Assemby only
Fits FL style rear fenders 1973/1998, Big Twin 1947/1954 & custom applications
Replaces HD# 68003-47T