2017, August

DOT Approved Helmets

The DOT stands for “Department of Transportation” and these are the best helmets to purchase for safety. It can be a challenge to determine the proper fit. We do have a size chart to help this possible for your fit and safety. Helmets cannot be returned for safety issues as the same goes for car seats for example. This is for the next persons safety. Getting a helmet online does give you a chance to really save your money for the everyday finances that come about.

Proper care for your colored bracelet

The stainless steel will not damage but if your bracelet has color it is safe as long as you take care of the item. Many things we use on our bodies have chemicals that are harsh and believe it or not there is a chemical in sunscreen that can even take off paint from a car. That would suck wouldn’t it!  The active ingredient that causes this issue is called #titaniumdioxide. How many of us take long rides on the motorcycle to catch the wind?