2015, September

Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain

Driving a motorcycle is usually associated with nice weather. But it should not be too hot, because then no protective motorcycle clothing quite breathable. At the same time, however, no rain. Not only is this inconvenient, but many bikers is water on the road is less than or greater nightmare. Yet it all has to be controlled.

What You Should Get in Routine Inspection in Authorize Harley-Davidson

Most people’s perception of “periodic motorcycle inspection" is only an oil change. This is a big mistake! This is a set of operations, during which it reviewed the bike complete. There are things like brake fluid, which are change at regular intervals and some others are dependent on mileage.

6 Of The Cutest Biker Toddler Tees That Are Irresistible

Toddler tees are one of the most adorable things a motorcycling parent can get for their toddlers or little kids. Try them on your little toddler and I promise, they will look absolutely adorable. I remember one of my biking friends who brought their budding toddler along to a celebration. The little boy was dressed up in an ultra-cute toddler tee that had a design of a leather jacket. He looked absolutely adorable in the tee, but most of all, it's a good memory he can chuckle at in the future. There is no doubt that he will become a biker like his father and mother someday.