2015, August

8 Religious Motorcycle Products Everyone Is Talking About

Religion and motorcycling have always been intertwined for many years. No matter what one's religion is, they will also motorcycle with religious items to practice their faith. Crosses, religious mantras and skulls have become popular choices for many motorcycling products. Here at Cycle Heart, some of our most popular products are religious products such as skull rings, Christian patches and many more. Whether you want to "ride with Jesus" close in your heart or want to embrace skulls.

What Biker Acronyms Mean

You have to admit there are so many different acronyms for bikers and not everyone knows what they mean. Biker abbreviation can be on a patch or a shirt or just anything really. You really want to know what they mean before you wear them. For example don’t wear a shirt to a professional job or church that say DILLIFAF because you may not be welcome back. If you do not know a meaning of something just ask a biker because they are happy to explain to you what something means.