2015, July

6 Irish Motorcycle Products You Have To See

Whether you're Irish or not, there's no resisting the Irish culture! With its witty charm, good ol' fun and luck, the Irish culture is most definitely a fascinating one. From shamrocks to tricolor flags to leprechauns, our products are Irish themed in so many ways. Check them out!

12 Best Biker Saying Patches

Did you know that for the most part motorcycle clubs started the patches on the vest in 1924? Some people do not even know that the AMA used to give awards to the best dressed motorcycle clubs.

There are so many different patches with sayings and some are so funny. You will see people reading patches and just bursting out laughing at what the patch says as it just surprise you at how funny it is. Here are a few of the most popular biker sued on patches.

Full Face vs Half Shell helmet

You can buy a helmet almost anywhere. As a result, many of us have a shelf full of helmets to show off our bad choices. Motorcycle helmets are generally subject to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (49 CFR 571.218) commonly referred to as the DOT standard. In addition, some helmets may be certified by the Snell Memorial Foundation. The fact that a helmet is certified by both Snell and DOT does not necessarily mean that it is superior, but the absence of a DOT certification is an invitation for a ticket from your local highway patrolman if you happen to be pulled over for any other violation.