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2015, April

Ancient Hair Ringz

The Hair Ring is very popular piece to wear in your hair for style and it looks amazing and is a huge conversation piece. The Hair Rings are from the ancient times so that is something special about the piece you will be wearing. The elastic band holds the hair in and then you slide the hair ring over the elastic band as there will be a small piece in the hair ring that the elastic will wrap under. There are many designs and styles available. The elastic band is hidden and you are unable to view that so that makes this hair ring so unique and people always wonder how you got the hair ring in and they ask what is holding it in.

Guardian Bells

The Guardian Bell is a small metal peace in shape of bell and made casted from pewter. The Guardian Bell is hung on the bottom of the motorcycle. The meaning of the Guardian Bell is to ward off spirits and the evil will be trapped in the bell. The Guardian Bell meaning is really to keep you safe from mechanical problems on the road that people feel are evil spirits. Most people really believe the Guardian Bell is for good luck on the road and to be safe.