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2015, November

What Your Home Says About You

When people enter your home, they can tell a lot about what kind of person you are. It’s important to choose furniture, colors and décor that reflects your personality. This not only tells the world who you are but having these things around you make you feel comfortable as well.

How We Make Custom Mugs

At Christmas or any other time, photo mugs can be great gifts. There's nothing like a coffee cup with a nice picture on it to commemorate a member of the family, a great vacation or a beloved family home…or anything else that can fit in front of a camera. Some simple steps will help anyone who wants to make photo mugs for gifts, employee events or any other uses.

Why confederate flag still wave

The confederate flag have been the centre of may controversies in the modern times. The flag was however the battle flag of the confederate army of Virginia during the civil wars. The flag was modified several times before due to the confusion it evokes with the national flag of USA. The greatest misconception with the flag is that it represents racism.

The line-up of Harley-Davidson in 2016

Harley-Davidson has just revealed their new models for 2016 and there are irons for all tastes and wallets! Here are some of the most interesting models.