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Biker Rings

Biker rings are made of all different shapes, sizes and designs and of course metals they are made out of. You will see biker rings mostly designed as skulls, Iron Cross, Indian, lucky 13 and much more.

Woman wear biker rings also and the woman’s rings are designed for all types of personalities. I have seen biker skull rings with bling and without bling. You basically can get what you want as it’s all out there and you just have to look around until you find what you are looking for.

When a biker picks out a ring to wear he will make sure this ring is a perfect fit for his personality and or if he or she is in a club they will make sure the ring is appropriate to his or her brothers and sisters. Like most things that will land you a nickel at your local upstate prison, brass knuckles used to be totally legal. When Johnny Law cracked down, however bikers found a way around the law. After all, you can’t hardly make a law against guys wearing big rings, can you?

I have seen many biker rings that had stones in them to make them extra unique and flattering especially the turquoise as that stone pops out a lot. These rings are good ole fashioned silversmithing and artistry from creative individuals.

The stainless steel rings which is what most of the biker rings are made out of are of a strong and durable metal so if you want your jewelry to last long your best bet is the stainless steel rings. The sizes range from size five which I have seen to as large as a size sixteen unless you get the ring custom made to fit larger those sizes are the ones most easy to find.

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