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Biker patches

Did you know that the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) was founded in 1924 as an organizing arm to promote motorcycle riding in America? Well, it sure was. It all started when a bunch of riders from the same area got together as one and rode their motorcycles with the wind.

There was even a movie about the AMA in 1947 that was filmed in California called “The Wild Ones” and Marlon Brando was the star in the cast. That just shows how long ago this all started. The 1%’s were banned from the AMA events and functions. What the 1%’rs did to designate themselves outside the AMA was to cut there club patch into three separate pieces.

The top rocker identified the club name, the center identified the crust of the club, and the bottom rocker identified the city, town or geological location from which the club was located. These are also known as the ‘colors.” Not just anyone can be part of a club ya know. There is what they call the probation period where they all decide if the person if a good and loyal fit for the club. Members of the clubs also refer to others as the family and they really do mean that as they will take care of another and be supportive of their club member.

Some motorcycle riders are not part of the 1%‘s but are supportive of them and wear a diamond shape patch with the number 13 in the diamond shape. MC members understand the meaning of respect and take that serious. If you are unsure of the rules from a member all you have to do is ask them. They appreciate that more than just assuming something is ok when it clearly is not ok. For example, if you want to take a picture of a motorcycle club member please do not just think they want you to take a picture and it is ok because most likely it is not ok at all. Just ask who knows they may allow it.

MC members are just like you and me, the only difference is they are part of a club and value respect to the fullest and want the respect to them as any one person wants to be treated. Mc members are fathers, husbands, grandparents and yes teachers along with other professional trade. They are just like you and I, just respect there clubs beliefs and rules and you will be fine. Many MC clubs will even invite the public to their open houses, annuals and events as long as a member invites them.

Have you seen all the patches that are available at our Bike Patches Section? Well, there are trillions and trillions of different patches that represent something one believes in or just likes to wear on their jackets. However, there are even patches that one may wear to support ones illness and there are sadly many illnesses out there or causes that we want to stop like bullying. Some people wear the “stop bullying” patch and wear it with meaning because maybe there loved one was bullied like there grandchild in school for example and that is a sore subject as is.

Just remember, patches represent some meaning to the person wearing the patch. A jacket can only have so much space for patches so the ones chosen to be sued or ironed on are picked out and worn with pride or even just fun. Wait ‘til you see the patches that have funny sayings on them. They show the persons personality as well because some sayings are bold, sexual or just plain funny. Remember, respect ones patch.

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