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    Alchemist Rex Buckle

    This buckle is made to fit a standard 1.5" belt strap, with metal belt loop and prong on the back.

    Anima Machinato Futurus Buckle

    This buckle is a pewter cross-section of a human mechanical skull.

    Cemetary Gates Buckle

    The last gates passed through on earth classic split-buckle nurse's belt of black elastic.

    Death Rod Buckle

    Based on the now classic pierce of Ul13 artwork, this dramatically sculpted 'Lead Sled' style.

    Death Valley Buckle

    The Hell Rider 2 tone pewter skull, helmet & crossed spanner bones sits on black pewter.

    Dracul's Creed Buckle

    This 3D modeled dragon buckle, is draped in a scroll reading 'Order of the Dragon'.

    Gestalt Skull Buckle

    Grotesque deformation and corruption of man.

    Gramilion Buckle

    This buckle has detailed pewter symmetrically facing dragons, guarding the "Stone of Wisdom".

    Letter Of Marque Buckle

    An official, Royal warrant given to 'privateers', (pirates!), authorizing them to seize and destroy property of a country's enemies.

    Necronaut Buckle

    The mortified helmsman of the infamous, underworld privateer sky-galleon, the Lichwake.

    Nevermore Skull Buckle

    A study in destination mortal reflection, and a solemn reminder of life's hopeless ephemeral.

    No Evil Buckle

    This pewter buckle is a human skeleton version of the three wise monkeys.

    Nosferatu's Hand Buckle

    This buckle is made to fit a standard 1.5" belt strap, with metal belt loop and prong on the back.

    Omega Skull Buckle

    This buckle is made from Fine English Pewter and engraved with various Alchemist symbols.

    Ossa Ravenhead Buckle

    This pewter buckle of a Viking skull helmet, is detailed with bronzed raven-wings and rich gilt plated detail, dedicated to the warrior.

    Ram's Skull Buckle

    Sacrifice for a pagan.

    Russian Roulette Buckle

    Are you man enough to play the deadly game? Let fate make your difficult choices for you.

    Sacred Heart Buckle

    Mary, Mother of God, bleeding for every mother's son nurse-style black elastic belt with buckle.

    Tattoo Gun Buckle

    Authentic, almost life-sized, totally 3-D engineered and sculpted tattoo gun buckle, with engraved copper-plate.

    The Alchemist Buckle

    This buckle is set with a black pewter rose, between the teeth of a modeled 3D Alchemist Skull.

    The Vulture's Eye Buckle

    This buckle is based on "The Tell-Tale Heart", in which the storyteller, the murderer.

    Thunder Hammer Buckle

    The Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction.

    War Band Buckle

    The rune-cut battle shield and trusted sword of a Viking leader.

    Wulven Buckle

    Old English for 'of the wolf ' the children of the night.

    45 Caliber Belt Buckle

    Bring out the big guns! .45 Cal in revolver action belt buckle Heavy duty pewter and quality constructed.

    American Flag Belt Buckle

    Show your pride wearing this heavy duty pewter and enamel quality crafted belt buckle.

    Art Deco Ladies Flower Frame Belt Buckle

    Art Deco Style Flowers and Rhinestones Lady Rider Belt Buckle - A heavy duty pewter belt buckle with finely detailed enamel and rhinestones on frame.

    Celtic Cross Belt Buckle

    This lead-free pewter belt buckle features a knotwork-accented Celtic Cross.

    Cowboy Skull & Guns Belt Buckle

    This belt buckle features a cowboy skull on top of two crossed rifles and a snake ready to strike on a blue enamel background.

    Faith & Cross Belt Buckle

    Faith & Cross Christian Belt Buckle - Religious-inspired pewter and enamel Belt Buckle.

    Fire Fighter Oval Belt Buckle

    Oval Firefighter Belt Buckle with Fire Engine and tools of the trade.

    Fireman Badge Belt Buckle

    Fireman Badge / Fire Department Belt Buckle - The Fire Dept. Belt Buckle is beautifully crafted in heavy duty.

    Howdy Trust Me Belt Buckle

    "Trust Me" Howdy Skull with "Ride Hard Die Free" banner Biker Belt Buckle.

    Insert 5 Cents Belt Buckle

    Insert Coin Slot Belt Buckle. Funny Offensive Biker Belt Buckle Color version (red) of this popular off-beat buckle.

    Iron Cross Belt Buckle

    Silver & Black Iron Cross Biker Belt Buckle. A heavy duty lead-free pewter belt buckle with black enamel.

    Jack Daniels Belt Buckle

    Jack Daniels Belt Buckle. Good quality construction and very durable.