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8 Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets You Need To See

Half shell motor cycle helmets are the most popular helmets at the moment and they are an essential piece of kit that you need to have as a biker.

Half shell motor cycle helmets provide the minimum coverage needed and are less. Regular helmets are very heavy and can really weigh you down. If you want to opt for a lighter helmet, then the half shell helmet is perfect. They protect you from an accident and also look stylish. They also keep your head cool and are really trending lately. They have become extremely popular with bikers in recent years and it's no puzzle why.

In this article, you will discover some of the coolest half shell motor cycle helmets that are around from awesome designs to ultra-chic helmets. All the helmets here have three different shell sizes so you can get the proportionate fit that you need. Plus, all helmets reviewed here also have moisture wicking fabric on the inside which will keep your head cooler and more comfortable.

You'll definitely find a half shell helmet that you'll like. Let's begin!

1. Butterfly Skull Cap – This helmet offers a chic butterfly design in a lilac colour. It has a UV lacquer finish which makes it great for summer biking. The sun won't be able to fade the finish or design and it will look as good as new all year round. The butterfly design really stands out and helps you stand out from the crowd. The lilac colour isn't too jaunting but it's the perfect shade to stand out. This design is very unique and will definitely turn heads. It's beautifully done and an intricate design but the helmet itself is also very sturdy and durable. Perfect for female bikers!

2. Skull Cap With Red Flames  This helmet is a real treat. It has bold and striking red flames emblazoned across the side. These flames will show your flair for choosing helmets and will make you look more daring than all the other bikers. Dashing, bright and attractive flames are amazing on the helmet. The flames are made with a red lacquer finish so they are of a very high standard and quality. If you want to impress and inspire, this helmet is for you.

3. Gear Helmet – This helmet is a DOT approved helmet meaning that it is specifically designed for motorcycling and is manufactured under stringent safety and technology standards. This helmet features an exciting gear design complete with rebellious images of skulls. It is a surefire helmet to wear, that has an awesome design and is DOT approved.

4. Flower Skull Cap  Love flowers and happen to be a biker? This helmet has you covered. It has a unique design of pink and violet flowers which are bound to impress everyone. Not only is this helmet sleek and stylish, but it is DOT approved too meaning it's made under strict safety standards. This helmet has a clear lacquer finish which makes it super shiny and durable.

5. Skull Cap With Spades – Cards, skulls and motorcycle helmets always seem to work well together. This helmet combines all three in a mesmerizing design of a spades card and a skull. Spades and clubs cover the top of the helmet so the design covers all angles and viewpoints. The design is unique, witty (combining the spade and skull is genius!) and superbly done making it a must have for all bikers.

6. Blue Flames Skull Cap – Looking for a cool, modern and trendy helmet? This blue flames skull cap allows you to stay in the trend with the cool and icy flames that lick the sides of the helmet. This helmet also has a UV lacquer finish like the other helmets. This allows its stunning design to live for years and years without ever fading or becoming lighter. The sturdy and proportionate helmet gives a good fit on your head and will outlast many years of use. This helmet is definitely suited those who love blue, icy tones and want to make a cool and trendy impact.

7. Skull Cap With Roses and Sugar Skulls – This is a nice twist on the regular skulls and bones designs that you find on helmets. This adds a more female touch with red roses and "sugar" skulls that plaster the side of the helmet. With vivid colour on the roses and skulls, this helmet has a nice multi-colored touch with a vivid and daring display of colours. Along with a lacquer finish, moisture wicking fabric and all the extras, this helmet is a must see for all female bikers.

8. Skull Cap Skulls and Snake – This grayscale design showcases a variety of skulls from large to small. The design has a large skull on the top of the helmet so from all angles, you have skulls on every side! There are smaller skulls and bones on both sides of the helmet. These skulls add a rebellious twist to your helmet and showcase your inner biker! This helmet is a real crowd pleaser and will definitely turn heads. The striking skulls and bones design is not the only amazing part of this helmet. It's also DOT approved too, meaning you can keep a calm state of mind when on your bike knowing that the helmet was made to strict safety standards.

Half shell helmets are all in the rage right now and it's no surprise to see why. Hopefully from the above guide, you should have an idea of what helmet you would like to try out. They all have amazing designs and vary widely from striking red flames to rebellious skulls. Choosing the half shell is difficult because there are so many cool designs to choose from. Let your inner spirit come out when choosing the helmet of your dreams and pick the design which you like the most.

All helmets are available from and you can buy the half shell helmet of your dreams on this website!

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10/2/2015 9:33 AM
I like the 1 Cycle Heart has with the roses and barb wire too.