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7 Pieces Of Motorcycling Apparel You Need To See

Great motorcycling apparel is always an essential part of motorcycling life. The right motorcycling apparel can protect you from weather, keep you looking trendy or just help keep your pants up (with the help of a lovely belt, of course!).

Here at Cycle Heart, we have a wide variety of both men's and women's apparel that you need to check out. Most of the apparel listed below is unisex (with a few exception), for both men and women so make sure to get shopping today.

1. Flaming Red Skull
This woolly cap is absolutely perfect for those rainy or windy days, when you're riding your motorcycle. Days can get stormy, especially during stormy seasons (we're talking about now, January and February). Don't let the cold weather to set in, protect your head with this warm and cozy cap!

What I particularly love about this cap is the striking and bold design which is printed onto the front. Not only does it amaze and delight, but the artwork is also exceptionally detailed. The hues of yellow, orange and red really combine together beautifully to create a sizzling design. It contrasts very well against the dark, black background also.

If it's a cold winter’s day, make sure to wear this cap. Even just looking at the sizzling, hot flames will melt the ice and cold away.

2. Blue Lightning Head Wrap
On the other hand, you may be riding your motorcycle through the countryside on a warm and sunny day. It could be too hot, and you may be sweating.

By sweating too much, and then riding your motorcycle through the air – you risk catching a cold or flu, since the cold sweat will reduce the temperature in your body drastically.

Instead, try wearing this icy, blue head wrap. It neatly wraps around your head and absorbs any sweat which may be produced during a hot day's motorcycle ride. This is thanks to a sewn-in sweatband which eliminates any moisture.

This is a one-size fits all, so there's no need to go measuring for your head size!

I love this head wrap because of the cool blue tones that make up the blue lightning. They almost cool you down, just by looking at them! They're the perfect supplement to a hot day, that's for sure.

3. Men's Leather Jacket
This is an ultra-stylish men's jacket which is definitely one of the best leather jackets around. This jacket really stands out from the crowd because it has a quilted lining along the inside of the jacket. This quilted lining makes the jacket super comfortable to wear, and very warm and cushiony on the inside!

It is made with top grain leather, meaning it’s of a very high standard. There are many pockets inside the jacket also, perfect for all those wallets, coins, snacks and motorcycling essentials that you need to bring with you on rides.

There's also a belt at the end of the jacket, allowing you to adjust the waist size accordingly.

4. Vest Extender
If you feel that your motorcycling vest is too tight or not really as airy as you'd like it to be, all you need is a vest extender! I chose this vest extender to recommend to you because it has an interesting deck of cards which have a metallic glow.

The deck is also fastened with a small piece of leather. The extender itself reminds me of a bike chain link, and funnily enough, it is made of a bike chain link, adding yet more motorcycling awesomeness to your vest! You can adjust the size of your vest with ease, simply by widening the gap using your vest extender.

Most motorcycling vests have holes punched along the sides of the vests, which means you can slot your vest extender into them. Just in case you're wondering, the chain link is four inches long.

5. EZ Skull Bands
For any ladies out there, you should take a close look at this EZ Skull band! I mean a close look, I mean - take a look at the amazing and truly detailed artwork on the headband.

It features a delightfully painted sugar skull, embellished and embossed with pink and purple flowers and hearts. The skull also boasts glorious, powerful wings which are definitely quirky and unique!

Large pink and violet blooms adorn the grey wings, really illuminating them and adding some flower power to the headband.

Practically speaking, the headband is super easy to slip on and off. Whenever you're thinking of going on a motorcycle ride, you can easily keep your hair tied back without any fuss. At least by wearing a headband, you can keep long hair from getting into your face whilst riding.

6. Angel Wings Tee
This beautiful tee really stands out from the crowd. Featuring intricate angel wings on a black background, this tee is truly breathtaking.

If you look at the front of the tee, the angel wings form a heart shape. Their unique shape really captured my interest from the beginning, that's why I love this tee so much. The back of the tee also contains huge angel wings, which take up the majority of the tee.

On a black background, the light bluey grey wings really contrast beautifully against it. This tee definitely emits elegance, style and beauty. The angel wings are so intricately drawn out and they are incredibly detailed.

7. The 2nd Amendment Black Hoodie
If you're looking for a winter warmer, this hoodie is the one for you! It will keep you warm all winter long, despite whatever cold conditions may come your way during a motorcycle ride!

What really appeals to me about this hoodie is the bold skull prints which line the sleeves of the hoodie. They contrast very nicely against the dark background.

This hoodie also has a large pocket so it gives a lot of room for your hands or for snacks or whatever you want to keep. The hoodie is soft and comfortable, making it very snug and cozy indeed.

The front is also printed with the "2nd Amendment" text which has a skull and rifles. Again, this design is bold and dynamic, definitely worthy to be embellished on such a comfortable hoodie.

Motorcycling apparel can have many forms, from glitzy leather jackets to snug hoodies. There are belt buckles, vest extenders, caps, headbands and biker patches, just to mention a few. All these quirky pieces of apparel will help accessorize your look and genuinely help you with your motorcycling. Whether it's to keep you warm on a cold day, or cool on a summer’s day – our apparel has got you covered!

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