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7 Must Have Biker Pins

Biker pins can help you wear some artwork on your leather jacket, while also spread a powerful message. We've got a huge offer of biker pins here at Cycle Heart, there are pins for every taste. In this article, we're going to check out seven of the top biker pins available. Let's begin!

1. Old Skool Biker

This pin really has vintage, old school vibes and a rebellious, classic feel. The motto that's written in gory, dripping blood "Old Skool Biker" is a real showstopper, and almost makes you feel nostalgic! The skull is very intricately done, with a lot of detailed inline work. If you look at it, you'll see the dents of the skull on his forehead. This makes it incredibly realistic, and quite the eye grabber!

The silver colour of the pin contrasts very nicely with the black, dripping text. This makes the text call out to you and almost divert your eyes towards the text. There's definitely a ghoulish appearance about the text, but it's this look that really makes it stand out from the others!

Take a look at the black blood dribbling down the side of the pin, from the "O" in "Old" and the "L" in "Skool". This image helps to enhance the image, adding to its quality.

2. Dice

Who doesn't love dice, or a pair of die? This pin will help you connect with your love of classic casino games. We've all played with a dice in our lifetime, and sometimes, the dice brought luck whilst in other times, it brought misfortune. However, this is in essence, the true beauty of life. Life has ups and downs, just like when you throw a dice. It can land on the fortunate number, or the more misfortunate number.

This pin will remind you that life's a game, and it's based on risk, but on the other hand, you've got the dice right now, and that dice is your desire to change the world.

The die have a silver sheen on their sides, to add to the realism. They almost look three-dimensional, like two actual die. It's this effective shading that adds to the special quality that this pin has.

3. Born Again

The message that this pin is revitalizing, energetic and incredibly uplifting. It reminds you that life is meant to be lived, to its full potential. Without making this sound like a philosophy lesson, the pin does have positive vibes that will undoubtedly make you want to live your life as much as you can.

We have one life, and this pin carries the universal message to everyone. With its All Caps font and slightly playful font type, the message is bold and clear.

The writing and background almost have a ragged, marbled texture and it's this imperfection that reminds you that mistakes and imperfection is inevitable. But, the most that anyone can do is try.

At first glance, this may look like a simple pin, but it's a lot more than that! It holds some incredibly important values, ones which we should all listen to.

4. Butterfly

This is a truly stunning butterfly pin, and perhaps one of the more beautiful pins that we have available here at Cycle Heart. The swirling loops really bring the butterfly's inner beauty to life. The butterfly has smooth silver design, but with black engravings etched into it. This enhances the three dimensional shape of the butterfly. It is made of lead-free pewter, which is always a good thing!

The butterfly is an intricate work of art, and perhaps, one of my favorite pins that are on offer here at Cycle Heart. It's simple, pared back but still an undeniable beauty about it that you can't help but adore.

5. Biker Born, Biker Bred

This pin features a chant-like rhyme, which is too catchy to forget. The words go like follows, "Biker born, biker bred. When I die, I'll be biker dead." There's an undeniable catchiness about this rhyme, that's for sure! For many bikers and motorcyclers, their life is dedicated primarily to the world of motorcycling. They feel the rush of adrenaline when they ride through the wind, on their motorcycle – unlike anyone else. This is what makes the world such an exciting place for them, and this pin will definitely echo their ideals.

If you want to spread the message of your love of motorcycling, this is the pin to have!

6. Crocodile

This is another beautiful pin, which we have on offer here at Cycle Heart. The crocodile has an almost golden sheen to it, not fully golden, but a slight sheen which makes it such an eyecatcher.

The detailed scales of the crocodile can be clearly seen, and it's this intricate work that really enhances the realism of the crocodile. Just take a look at the scales on its back!

The crocodile appears like its slithering into the distance, with its sharply flexed feet and tail. This motion adds to the dynamism and fluidity of it even more.

7. Eagle

This eagle pin is a piece of artwork! Just take a look at the intricate details of its feathers and wings. You can almost see the eagle come to life with this pin.

It is definitely one of the more unique pins that are on offer here, a pin that you'll never see anywhere else.

There is also a motivational message on the eagle's banner, which the eagle's claws are gripping onto. This is "All Gave Some, Some Gave All." This incredibly motivational message reminds us of the people who fought hard to bring America to the place it is today. Everyone fought together, in unison, and that is what makes this pin so poignant, but uplifting at the same time. Every time you wear this pin, you'll remember your friends and family, the people who are helping you through life.

The fierce eagle, combined with the message, will help you feel super powerful!

Final Thoughts

Biker pins aren't just beautiful pieces of artwork, they also have a strong message. These messages make up part of your personality, and who you are. We have a huge variety of biker pins here at Cycle Heart, and there is definitely a pin to suit your tastes! Have a browse through our listings, or take a second look through the picks in this article.

If you have any comments, let us know below!

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