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7 Leather Wallets That Actually Look Cool

Wherever you go in life and no matter in what situation you're in, you will always need a wallet by your side. Wallets are almost part of our daily lives, and there's always a shop that you need to stop at right?

Luckily, here at Cycle Heart, we have a huge and diverse range of wallets which you can check out. They contain a variety of embellishments, medallions and images. The choice is huge and there's definitely something for everyone. From cool, grey skulls to hot flames – there's a wallet that you're going to fall in love with.

1. Barbed Wire Skulls

This is our first wallet in today's lineup! This wallet contains a fierce image of skulls. The skulls are embedded inside barbed wire, which gives this wallet a chilling factor.

The skulls are sheet white, whilst the barbed wire is grey – giving them a natural contrast to one another. The image can be quite a conversation starter, that's for sure! The skulls emit such a fierceness, that's hard to overlook and the barbed wire just brings this wallet to a whole other level.

Like some of the wallets below, this wallet is made of black, soft leather. It also contains a detachable chain that's attached to a snapping belt loop. The width of this wallet is a good size, it's six inches.

2. Fire Bike

This leather wallet is slightly smaller than the last one (it's 4 inches in width) but the image doesn't compromise on awesomeness! Take a look at it below, and you'll see what I mean. This definitely has to be one of my favorite images that I've ever seen, for the sheer fact that the image is so cleverly done. It features a biker, riding a motorcycle made of flames! And not any flames, for the matter, they're blue flames! These flames really send chills down my spine, because of how intricately they weave through the motorcycle and how realistic they look.

You can just about see the person on the bike, along with the back wheels. This wallet also contains a detachable loop chain.

3. Skull

This wallet is perfect for those of you who love skulls! This wallet gives all you skull-lovers out there, exactly what you need! It features a bold skull and crossbones. This pares back on the complexity of some designs, and strips it back to the bare essentials. The skull itself is simple and pared back, but it’s the simplicity that makes this leather wallet so appealing. There's nothing that takes away from the image – it's just the skull and crossbones in all their glory.

This wallet is smaller than the others, with a width of 4 inches. It also has a detachable chain snapping belt loop. It's also made of soft, black leather - making it comfortable to put into your pocket!

4. Eagle and American Flag

This leather wallet is perfect for all those of you who want to embrace your heritage and patriotism for the US! If you're not from the US either, don't fear! Maybe you just love American culture, and you want to show that off through your leather wallet. Whatever your reason, this wallet is going to do justice for America!

With the patriotic eagle emblazoning the American flag, there's no reason not to fall in love with this wallet. The red, blue and white colours of America are really emphasized through a bold print and the white eagle almost puts more emphasis on the flag. The eagle adds to the flag and to the overall atmosphere of the image, rather than take away from it. The eagle almost shows your proud patriotism for your country!

This is four inches, and also contains a detachable loop chain.

5. Flames

This wallet is quite a firecracker and quite the showstopper! Just take a look at it, and you can almost feel the hot, red and orange flames jump out at you. There's something so upbeat and positive about seeing the flames, but at the same time, there's something chilling about them too. When I look at them, the orange hues fuel me and drive me to keep going. They'll help to motivate you wherever you go in life. Since you'll be seeing your wallet wherever you go, this wallet can definitely help motivate you and get the jobs you have to do - done.

The flames are vivid and vibrant, and I particularly love how strong the colours are. They almost emit an everlasting glow, and I'm pretty sure that they'll glow for years on end!

This wallet is six inches in width, and also contains a detachable chain, as you can see in the image below.

6. Tribal Eagle

This wallet has a fierce but intriguing image of an eagle on it. Streaks of grey and white paint are used to create the image of the eagle, and this gives it a rare and authentic look. The streaks of paint almost look like flames, and this makes the eagle look even fiercer. Anything combined with a few flames will always look super cool, right? The image is superimposed onto black, soft leather…making it an epic replacement for your current wallet.

This wallet has a detachable snapping belt loop, like all the other wallets we have on offer.

This wallet is also 6 inches in width, the perfect size! Not too big, and not too small.

7. Skull Medallions

This wallet is a bit different from the others, in that it features skull heads for medallions. The medallions act as buttons and also give the wallet a fresh look. The medallions are made of metal, which helps them combine beautifully with the wallet chain.

The skull heads add a unique and slightly unusual atmosphere to the wallet, since most wallets don't have skull heads as medallions! If you like skulls, and you need a new wallet, this is definitely a wallet that you're going to adore your entire life. It's unique, and trendy both at once.

This wallet is slightly smaller than the others, and its 4 inches in width.

Final Thoughts

Wallets are a part of our everyday lives, so why not have a cool one? With the range of imagery and types of wallets we have on offer here, you should definitely consider getting one! You never know what designs will call out to you. And once you get a wallet, you'll have it for quite a long time. So ditch the boring wallets, and get yourself one of ours!

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