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7 Beautiful Necklaces That Just Dazzle

Finding the right necklace or pendant is like finding the right motorcycle for you. That initial feeling you get when you know that motorcycle is the right one is akin to finding the right pendant.

We've already reviewed some of the most beautiful jewelry on offer here at Cycle Heart in a previous blog post, but we've really extended our range since that post was written a year ago. Today, we've got even more necklaces that dazzle.

1. Double Wing Crystal Necklace

This necklace is one of the most gracefully elegant necklaces on offer here at Cycle Heart. It is made of a delicate-looking yet durable chain and a graceful pendant.

The pendant is such an eye-grabber for its simple design yet powerful symbolism. The angel wings hold up the heart, just like that of angel's wings. I find that such a charming and ethereal quality for any necklace to own, and this necklace certainly lives up to that.

This is one of my more favorite necklaces, but I must admit that I have a bias towards dainty, more girly necklaces! Other bikers may prefer more hard-core necklaces such as those with realistic-looking bike chains, but it all depends on what style you prefer.

This necklace is crafted from high-quality surgical grade stainless steel, so you're getting the purest stainless steel available on the market. The link chain included is also 19 inches, so you'll have plenty of room for making it longer or shorter as you see fit.

2. Jawless Skull With Bike Chain

This hard-core necklace offers a more daring alternative to those who like bike chain necklaces. The necklace chain emulates that of a bicycle chain, so it will always remind you of your love for motorcycling and will keep you proud of being a biker.

What I love most about this necklace is the jawless skull pendant. This pendant is edgy and unique, especially because the skull doesn't have any jaw, which makes it more eclectic and unique than other skull pendants. If you want to attract some jealous glances (you might not want to, but it can happen!), this necklace will evoke those, mainly because of the skull's daring look.

Keep note that the pendant may look very heavy, but it's actually not overly heavy. Also, this necklace is made from stainless steel, so it will stay shiny and durable for an extremely long time. The stainless steel is also easy to wipe and clean should you ever stain it.

3. Cobwebs

This necklace has a regular necklace chain and a spider cobweb. The pendant is unique in that it features both a skull and a spider on the cobweb. The spider appears to be clutching or "trapping" the spider on the cobweb. This has much symbolism embedded within that imagery, because it may help you concentrate on the goals or dreams you want to reach. Just as the spider reaches for the skull, so too can you reach for the goals and dreams in your life. That is what I interpret from the symbolism of this pendant, but it depends on everyone. Of course, putting a necklace on each day and seeing it every morning or evening will instill that message throughout your time.

This pendant is light, even though its pattern is complex and well-woven. This means it's perfect for Summer (which is quickly approaching, bear in mind), so if you're looking for a quick necklace to throw on while you're on a summery motorcycle ride, this is perfect!

4. Skull and Wrenches

The pendant on this necklace features a dashing skull with wrenches and spanners coming out from either side of it. Think it's edgy? It certainly is, but it does have a contemporary style about it, too.

Again, like in previous necklaces featured in this article, this necklace also has a bike chain. The thickness of the bike chain feels very solid against my neck, and it's always there to remind me of my love for motorcycling.

If you love repairing your motorcycle, this is the pendant to show that exactly. The spanners coming out from the skull's head accurately depict someone's love for motorcycling and repair work in an instant. This necklace is more daring than the other pendants, but if you're a hardcore lover of motorcycling, well . . . this is the pendant for you!

5. Motorcycle Pendant With Bike Chain-Style Necklace

What could be a more joyful and inspirational thing than seeing this beauty every morning? By placing it on your neck each day, you'll always remind yourself of your beloved motorcycle.

I always feel a sense of pride and happiness rush through me as I put this necklace on. Perhaps it's the powerful image of the motorcycle.

There is a lot of detailed inline work engraved within the motorcycle. As they say, the eye is in the detail, and the stunning etchings and engravings make this motorcycle an even more realistic one. The bike chain also further reinforces the image, showing.

How To Choose The Right Necklace

Purchasing a necklace, especially a motorcycling-themed necklace, can be a daunting one, because it does take much time the find the right one. Factors such as chains, pendants, and imagery all have to be taken into account, as well as the size of the pendant. However, I often feel an epiphany when I see the right necklace for me. My heart knows it’s the right one, and suddenly, everything falls into place. Just looking at the necklace evokes warm sensations and of course, you know it will be just as stunning as the image.

Make sure to check out the images of the necklaces in more detail. Each necklace featured here today has a link in its title, so click on that link, and you'll be brought to its product page. There, you will get more information on its size, what materials are used, and you can see more photos of the necklace in action.

Thanks so much for reading, and I wish you the very best with choosing a necklace!

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