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6 Pictures To Describe What Riding A Motorcycle Feels Like

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the greatest experiences in the world, but there are many reasons why. From that sense of community a group of bikers own to the ascending emotions that accompanies a ride, motorcycling really does evoke every feeling there is.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the greatest reasons why motorcycling is adored by bikers, and why you should keep on riding, even when times are tough. Every reason is accompanied by a picture we've created here at Cycle Heart, and make sure to share them on Facebook or Pinterest if you like them!

1. Drink In That Scenery

No matter what route you decide to take, whether it's a short country lane or a road alongside a wide expanse, you'll definitely be able to soak in the gorgeous views. I, myself, particularly enjoy that feeling of riding quickly down a long, flat road, with a blue sky and dark mountains beckoning on the horizon.

Often times, when I feel down or when life has become dull, I just take my motorcycle out and go for a quick ride down my favorite country lane. With safety in mind, of course, right in front of me, I always have a gorgeous view of green hills and blue mountains intersecting. That's here in Ireland, but I'm sure in the US, you'll have plenty of places to go to witness the true beauty of nature!

Drink In That Scenery

2. Bikers Are Family

No feeling can compare to that sense of community and family bikers share. We all understand what it means to be a biker and that we're all in the same boat, together and as one. Of course, we each share a passionate love for biking and motorcycling more than anyone else, and that single fact binds us all together in ways unimaginable. It is our bond and friendship that keeps us together, even when times are tough, even when some may be against our love for one another.

Bikers Are Forever

3. Riding A Motorcycle Feels Like Seizing The World

Perhaps, is this the only way to describe what motorcycling feels like? Riding a motorcycle evokes different emotions within every person, but for me, it often feels like seizing the world. That may sound far-fetched or melodramatic in some respects, but it is a difficult emotion to describe! Perhaps, it can only be felt, and rarely described, but it is an emotion the entire biking community can relate to.

When we visit a place that’s too stunning for words, or we ride down a lane with our best friends, nothing can describe those moments. In a way, they feel like seizing the world, seizing it and the moment so that we can truly immerse ourselves in the beauty of life.

Riding A Motorcycle Feels Like Seizing The World

4. Love For Our Motorcycles Is Infinite

We put so much care into maintaining our beloved motorcycle, so much so, that we may forget about the world around us! Of course, it is the time we put into the continual care and maintenance of our motorcycles that shows our dedication to it. Many great, powerful memories have encrusted the gears and wheels of every motorcycle, so in a way, a motorcycle can also be described as a memento of sorts. It is a time machine, a friend to fall back on when times are tough, and it always provides that sense of escapism sometimes we crave.

We've rode on them during the best moments of our lives. That is why our motorcycles can help transport us back to those nostalgic moments we felt years ago or to those moments we never wanted to forget.

Love For Our Motorcycles Is Infinite

5. Riding A Motorcyle Helps Us Travel Back In Time

Many of us have experienced that first time of riding a motorcycle, from the first few seconds of apprehension to that moment when you become liberated and overcome your fear of the unknown.

I certainly remember the first time I rode on a motorcycle; the sky was filled with puffy cumulus clouds, the air was cool and light, and even though I was only a twenty-something, wow did I feel alive. Those few minutes of elation on a motorcycle can capture a time period in our lives like no other hobby can, because we learn to focus on the spirit and soul within us, and the ever-moving time that keeps bringing us into new eras.

I'm sure you have a memory of riding your motorcycle when you were younger or when you were in love; those memories will always fill you with continual joy for the rest of your life.

Riding A Motorcyle Helps Us Travel Back In Time

6. Riding Through The City At Midnight

Nothing compares to that feeling of riding through a city at midnight, when the streets are quiet, when there's no one around but the sound of the gently flickering streetlamps that greet you.

Of course, it's such a beautiful emotion; it's completely immortal. No city is truly seen at its full potential until you ride through it at midnight on a motorcycle. Of course, in some cities, they are still completely packed ta midnight, but in others, there's a quiet, ethereal air to the city, as if the entire world has gone to sleep.

Riding Through The City At Midnight

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Thanks so much for reading, and keep on riding.

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