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6 Of The Trendiest Products From 2017 So Far

Thought you know what we sell here at Cycle Heart? Think again.

While we're well known to sell traditional motorcycling-themed products, we do enjoy selling the quirky, the trendy, the unique as well as anything pretty much anything related to motorcycling. However, now and again, we have a soft spot for eclectic items that have a touch of the unusual or exciting about them; that's why we're always bringing new products to our stories.

In this article, you can check out some of the trendiest, most eclectic products we've in stock here at Cycle Heart. We're sure you'll be fascinated by the unique and quirky products available.

We take an exciting look at neo chrome skull rings, an intriguing bike chain bracelet, and lots more! There are always plenty of new products to check out at Cycle Heart. Be sure to share this article with your friends if you enjoy it.

1. Blue Steel Skull Ring

This steel ring is the pinnacle of all radiance; just check out the metallic blue colour and that shiny finish. It glows. It radiates. However, there's a certain aura this ring emits that gives it such eclectic vibes.

The metallic finish extends into its many grooves and ridges, lighting up even the smallest of crevices from its teeth to the insides of its eyes. What we love most about this ring is how the blue changes colour and mellows into lighter blues and then moves into darker ones. If you look at the eyes of the skull, you'll see it's almost a purple colour, a dark violet that is so synonymous with the night sky.2. Chain Bracelet With Golden Cross

This is one of our newer rings and it's been quite popular since its release here at Cycle Heart. It's no surprise to see why it's been a popular hit; the main centerpiece of this bracelet is a golden cross that has filigree work inline. Filigree work consists of the intertwining of thin gold strands to make a piece of artwork, and it was actually a technique used by the Celts of Ireland to decorate their chalices.

This cross' golden colour is striking and feels somewhat ethereal amidst the sea of silver it finds itself an island in. We sell many great bike chain bracelets here at Cycle Heart, but this definitely has to be one of our all-time favorites for its stunning colour and cross centerpiece.

3. Reflective Vest

You may be secretly wondering why this reflective vest is part of our top five, and you're certainly right, but we have our reasons for choosing it.

For starters, we feel that this reflective jacket is much more than what it first appears to be, because it offers a main storage pocket for your phone and also has an easy-fit mechanism including elasticated laces which can fit any waist size. At the back, it also has an ID holder, including a plastic cover, so you can keep your ID card or any important pages safe in that holder should you require them at any point in your journey.

Of course, there is nothing more vital than a high quality reflection jacket, so as well as the usual extras, this jacket does its intended job beautifully and practically. The stripes along the side of this vest reflect light in a bright, attention-grabbing manner, so any passing cars will see you from afar. This is the most important feature of any reflective vest, for sure.

4. Black and Neon Green Bike Chain Bracelet

This is also another addition to our store, hitting the online shelves recently, and it's a personal favorite of ours for its eclectic style and colour.

If you consider yourself a biking enthusiast, and want to express your love for it in a simple but amazing way, try out this bike chain bracelet. They are becoming quite popular among bikers, because of their hardcore and intriguing style. The neon green provides a woody, earthy contrast to the black chain, making them both click together in perfect harmony.

Of course, we've got plenty of styles available, plus different colours, but this colour combination is one of our personal favorites from the collection.

5. Candy Blue Bike Chain Necklace

If you know of someone in your life who loves necklaces, this is a must-have. It's like wearing a piece of your motorcycle chain on your chest, keeping it close to your heart.

This is the ultimate keepsake for any biker or motorcycling enthusiast, since it always reminds the wearer of their continually renewed passion for their motorcycle and for the hobby in general. Of course, the diamantine gems are intricately inlayed into the necklace, giving it a sparky finish, and adding a touch of glamour to this already beautiful necklace. We adore the candy blue colour of the chain, but if you prefer other colours, we have a wide selection available for you to choose from.

6. Neo Chrome Skull Ring

Now, as if we couldn't top off our selection with a more brilliant product, this comes right in to finish.

We shouldn't even have to describe it or laud it; even just looking at this beauty of a skull ring is worth the effort.

Perhaps, what we love most about this ring is the way it blends the palest and strongest of colours together, and brings them together in ways unimaginable. From lemon yellows merging into grassy greens to hot pinks, every colour swirls into another equally as beautiful.

This ring is sure to get some jealous and admiring looks from fellow bikers, that's for sure!

Just like in the other steel ring featured today, the eyes are a metallic, cool blue that provide a refreshing counterpoint to the yellows and pinks swirling around them. For sure, this is an absolute work of art, and it's definitely one of the greatest products on offer from our 2017 range!

Final Thoughts: Why Not Try One For Yourself?

If any of our products struck a chord with you, make sure to check them out specifically. We've got a range of images and angles on each product, so you can take a look at them in more depth.

These products are certainly eclectic with each emitting a certain vibe. So, that said, you may feel that one product resonated strongly with you. Each person that visits our online store resonates with a certain style of product.

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