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6 Men's Bike Chain Bracelets That'll Unleash Your Inner Motorcycler

Bracelets aren't just for female motorcyclers, they also look great on men, too! We have a great selection of men's bike chain bracelets here at Cycle Heart. They've got skulls, double width and even, double chains. They also come in strong colours of gold and silver. Wait until you see how cool they look!

Let's take a look at some of the trendiest men's bike chain bracelets on offer here.

1. Extra Wide With Double Skulls

This is an extra wide bracelet, although not unusual for men's biker chain bracelets. This also has skulls on both top and bottom, and in total, you've got four ghoulish skulls on the bracelet. The thickness is 1-1/2" so this makes it a lot thicker than usual. The silver colour is also a little darker, giving it an edgy vibe. However, it's the skulls that really bring this bracelet to the next level.

There's also a strong clasp on the front, to ensure that it never falls off your hand!

2. Double Gold and Black

This 3/4 inch bracelet combines two great colours: gold and black. These colours work beautifully together in this bracelet and it's their dynamism that work so well together. The bracelet is black, but the chains are golden, working very nicely with the rest of the bracelet. The gold has a metallic sheen which really brings out the best in this bracelet.

This bracelet almost reminds me of the Gold Rush, in the US – because of the combination of colours. The gold looks like golden nuggets and the black colour, reminds me of the dark earth from where the gold came from. This might be a strange thought, but that's what this bracelet reminds me of! Perhaps, you should glean from my thought, that every bracelet tells a story to the person who looks at it. Every colour can signify a memory, or a hope or a wish, and that always stays personal to the viewer. This is definitely evident in this bracelet for me, as it brought back some memories of the gold rush. However, for you, it might tell a different story. Whatever that story is, I bet it's unique!

This bracelet is a little thinner in width, than the last one (double skull bracelet) that we looked at, but perhaps, if you want a man biker chain bracelet that's a little lighter – this is the one for you!

3. Double Black and Silver

This, like the last bracelet is 3/4 inches, and it has another beautiful combination. The black and silver have futuristic, techno vibes that will work well with any leather jacket you wear.

However, the coolest thing about this bracelet isn't the colour, or the chains. It's the black enameled skulls that shine beautifully. There are a total of three skulls in this bracelet, and they bring out the black colour of the chains.

The clasp is silver, along with the outside of the bracelet. This clasp will really ensure that your bracelet always stays on!

4. Double Silver and Teal

The teal colour that this bracelet boasts is simply superb. Perhaps, it's this mystical colour that really ignites my love for this chain bracelet. The blue is metallic, which combines beautifully with the silver screws. This, similar to the last bracelet, has cool, techno vibes which really stand out. It might be the metallic silver and teal, which work well so nicely together, or the modern clasp that's also included.

The screws also add some realism to the bracelet, which pop out and bring some vivid realism.

The thickness of this bracelet is 3/4", making it the ideal thickness. The clasp is also there, just like in the other bracelets, which ensures that you always keep your bracelet on your hand!

5. Double Black and Candy Blue

The candy blue in this bracelet is simply stunning. Just take a look at the colour, and you'll see what I mean. Its shiny sheen has a pearly quality which is difficult to ignore.

Also, just take a look at how shiny the black colour is in this bracelet! It combines beautifully with the candy blue colour, to create a highly unique bracelet which will inject a pop of colour into your life. It brings an element of dynamism to any trip or motorcycle ride.

Just like the other men's chain bracelets, this bracelet has an interesting quality, perhaps, which it emits from its double black and candy blue colour.

Like some of the other bracelets here, this bracelet is 3/4", giving it a nice thickness.

6. Extra Thick Silver and All Gold

This is by far, the coolest bracelet on offer here! The double gold and silver combine beautifully to create a luxurious feel. Perhaps, it's the opposite energy that both colours have, which work so fluidly together – to create a bracelet which encompasses luxury at its very best.

The gold colour is kept light, so it doesn't look too metallic. The metal colour from the gold injects some positive energy and optimism to the bracelet. However, it's the silver colour which grounds the bracelet in reality – by giving it a sleek, modern and techno feel.

This bracelet is an extra wide version, at 3/4". That's even more colour, even more energy, and extra thickness!

Men's Chain Bracelets – We've Got Great Choice

Remember, the bracelets that we have chosen and included in this article are only a few! We've got tens of extra men's chain bracelets which simulate the feel of a bike chain so well. These extra bracelets come in a huge variety of colours, textures, finishes, everything you can think of.

When you choose your bracelet, it can be difficult to know where to begin. However, you should browse through this article again, and see which bracelet calls out to you the most. It might be the bracelet's colour, or its texture, or even its combination of colours – which might attract you the most.

Our bracelets are so unique, that you should definitely find a bracelet which echoes some of your personal tastes.

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