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6 Epic Motorcycling Key Chains That Should Join Your Keys

Key chains can help motivate you and fill you with energy. Some key chains even have motivational messages or symbols painted on them. Other key chains are shaped to portray a certain symbol or object, such as the flame key chain described below. The shapes of key chains can evoke certain emotions from pride (such as an American flag!) to enthusiasm and motivation.

You'll be seeing your set of keys every day, so you might as well have a positive and uplifting key chain on it! A great key chain can change your outlook on the world, since it's in your pocket all day and whenever you leave your house or start your car/bike, you'll always see it.

1. Flame

This key chain looks quite unusual (but very unique) in that, it takes the shape of a flame. It can be quite difficult to make a flame look realistic without colors, but this key chain does it well. The flame has a surreal and different atmosphere to it.

Every time you take your keys, you'll see the flame. Symbols of flames are known to empower the holder and also, they can fill people with enthusiasm and motivation. When you see the flame each morning as you leave home (or go to your motorbike or car), you'll be filled with the same passion for life, as the flame shows. It's amazing what an uplifting symbol can do in your life!

2. Silver Skull

Skulls are an important part of every biker's life! They adorn everything from helmets to leather jackets and it's no wonder why!

This silver skull key chain would make a beautiful addition to your set of keys.

Skulls aren't really supposed to have emotions, but this skull appears to have a happy face! Take a look at it, and you'll be instantly warmed by its smile. You can almost feel the smile giving its abundant and positive energy to you, as you look at the skull. The skull isn't a particularly gory one, it's simple and pared back but that's what makes it so effective. Complex key chains can get confusing and even bog you down, but the happy energy of this key chain makes it so enjoyable to look at.

3. American Flag

What could fill you with more pride than a key chain of the American flag? If you live in the US or just love US culture (for example, if you're living in Europe or Asia, but just happen to love US life) – this is the key chain for you! It's perfect for reminding you of your country and what you love the most in your life.

It will instill a sense of pride and passion in your heart, as you look at the flag each morning. It'll remind you of the country that based it's ideals on equal rights and freedom for everyone.

The flag is bright and vivid, showing the red and blue perfectly. The flag isn't flat (which would make it quite boring and monotonous), it's actually folded slightly which makes it look like its flapping in the wind. This adds an extra layer of realism to the flag.

4. Buffalo Key Chain

This key chain features a powerful image of a buffalo. This buffalo is prowling quietly but it's still ready to attack whenever it needs to. There's something eerily powerful and strong about this image. As you look at the buffalo, you can try putting yourself in its body as you venture out into the world for the day. You want to attract success into everything you do, and this key chain can help you focus your mindset onto your goals and motivations.

The buffalo is a symbol of strength, power and even resilience. Even when the buffalo goes hungry or if it doesn't all work out, the buffalo seems to keep going no matter what. You can apply the same principles to your own life, as you battle on.

This may look like just a key chain, but it's so much more! It can help remold your mindset to work, life and productivity. And with repeated viewing of it, every single morning and evening, the motivation will start to enter your mind and give you a new, positive outlook on life.

5. Eagle

This key chain has a majestic eagle emblazoned onto it. There's a deep blue background in the key chain which helps to calm you and focus on your goals. The deepness of the blue can be likened to the sea, or even, a darkened sky. It really combines beautifully with the aluminum eagle which adorns it.

The eagle is incredibly detailed and you can see every single feather on its wings. Check out the thickness of its talons too! The eagle is soaring in the sky and spotting out prey on the ground. This key chain really shows that, because the eagle has an almost three dimensional feel to it. The eagle is fully in action, in the prime of its life.

Metaphorically speaking, the eagle can also act as a symbol of your own life. It can help divert your thoughts to the life goals you want to achieve, and the strength possessed by the eagle will help you achieve that too. There's a drive and passion within the eagle that's clear to see. As you go through life and see your car keys, you too, will be energized and motivated to do the very best in all that you do.

6. White Skull

This is probably one of my favorite keychains that are available on Cycle Heart. I think it’s the cracks in the skull that really add to the realism of it. The skull isn't perfect, it's cracked slightly (which is part of the design) and this reminds the viewer that no one is perfect, and that mistakes are inevitable. The skull appears to be smiling (even a little bit!), despite the cracks in its skull.

So as you see this skull, you'll be reminded too of the cracks in your own life, but just like anything, you can keep working to help fill them once more and motivate you to become the best person you can be. I think a key chain can really bring that sense of a healthy mind to a person, because they see their key chain every day, at least a few times a day. This skull definitely has a hidden philosophy behind it, and it's this philosophy that will stick with you wherever you go and whoever you meet.

Key Chains Are Important For Your Mindset

You see your key chains wherever you go. Before you mount your motorcycle. Before you lock your door. When you open your door. When you go into your car. Most people see their keys at least five times a day, depending on how active they are.

And it's the repetition of seeing keys, which makes them so important. You need key chains on your keys that reflect your personality, your mindset and what you want to achieve. If you want to get promoted at work, you know you'll need to do a lot of quality work for a good number of years! But if you have a key chain of an eagle or a buffalo, you'll be reminded by the strength and the resilience they had. As you journey through life, you'll always be reminded by that strength in your own life. So, whenever the going gets tough, at least you're mindset will be even more strong and optimistic than before.

Which key chains did you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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