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6 Bangle Bracelets That You'll Adore

Bangle bracelets are the coolest addition to any lady rider's accessory kit! You can wear them whenever you go out riding your motorcycle. They're super trendy to wear and are super popular this year. There are a large variety of bangle bracelets that we have on offer here, and we also have quite the variety of charms that are on the bangle bracelets too! From dragons to cats to suns, the amount of charms we have is huge! They are very diverse also, and cover everyone's tastes.

So, let's get started! Enjoy this article!

1. Dragon

This bangle bracelet is quite unique, because it doesn't have the usual set of skulls on it, but actually, a dragon! Dragons have remained very important in Chinese culture, and they signal many symbols. They are powerful and strong fire-breathers, and even though they are mythical creatures, they are vivid and easy to imagine. There's something about the resilience and the strength of a dragon that particularly strikes me.

Dragons keep going, in their mythical lands, and even when times are tough, they keep going. They also take no nonsense, as you probably know from various films that feature dragons! You can apply the philosophy of the dragon into your own life. By seeing the dragon charm on your bangle bracelet each day, you will learn that strength and resilience is important for living in today's world. Rejection is an inevitability of life, and this dragon charm will always remind you that you must keep fighting on no matter what. It’s an essential thing to know when you're riding through the countryside or city on your motorcycle.

2. Cat

Cats are sly and cunning creatures, but they are loving too. This charm will remind you of their cuddly nature, and the friendships that you've had with cats – if you've ever had any. If you're a big fan of the feline world, and cats play an important part of your life, this charm will remind you of them. Humans and cats have always shared an important bond throughout their history together.

This charm has an undeniable cuteness about it, which I can't help but adore. I mean, just look at the cat's cute and adorable face! The cat may not be smiling, but it still emits a sense of understanding. This can also be applied to your own life, where you try to understand the world around you. The world we live in can always be a busy one, but a single cat can make us stop and rub their heads, and marvel in the beauty of this world. This charm will remind you to stop and take a good look at everything around you. It also reminds you to be grateful for whatever you have, and maybe even motivate you to reach your goals.

3. Peace Sign

The peace sign has adorned many vans and flags for the last few decades. It has been an integral part of our culture too. As we fought for peace all over the world, no matter what country, the peace sign was there to remind us of what our end goal was.

This sign will remind you that life is meant to be lived, and that you should try enjoying yourself too. Whether that means taking a well-deserved break by riding your motorcycle through the countryside, or something else – you need it! When I look at the peace sign on this bangle bracelet, it evokes a lot of emotions for me. Happiness, peace, even some sadness when I remember those who died to gain peace, are all emotions I feel. This bangle bracelet will give you a whirlwind of emotions, nostalgia and even some memories – all from a single glance!

4. Skull and Crossbones

Ah, the classic skull and crossbones! Where would a motorcyclers be, without skulls in our lives? I adore skulls on jewelry, and especially when they form cute charms. Skulls are part of the motorcycling culture, and these skull and crossbones bangle bracelets are certainly no exception!

With the charm here, the skull and crossbones will be etched onto a metal plate, which is circular in shape. Just take a look at the detail in the markings and etchings. There's almost a dusty, vintage feel to the charm, but that only adds to its personality even more. You'll also get a skull charm with it too, so that's two beautiful charms on one bangle bracelet!

5. Sun Face

This is probably my favorite charm of all here. It's positive, uplifting and incredibly motivational. I mean, just take a look at the sun! You can almost feel it's warm rays hitting you.

It can bring you back to the days when you rode through the mountains, with the sun beating down on you. Or, maybe as you took a break from motorcycling, and stopped by a beach. You might've strolled down the warm sand, with the sun emitting its infectiously cheerful rays on you. I certainly remember days like that, and they're the memories that I remember when I see this charm.

When I look at the charm, it reminds me that life can be full of joy too, and I need to make my own happiness. Happiness isn't something that just happens. The sun can't give it to me, but the sun charm can remind me that I need to go into the world and make my own happiness, if I truly want to feel rewarded. Whether that's by making new, fulfilling friendships or starting a new project, it's different for all of us. This charm will always remind me that after a cold and miserable night, the sun will come back again and bring light into the world. And no matter what, no matter what happens, the sun will always come back.

6. Eagle and Skull

Eagles are very powerful creatures, and they've exhibited their strength in their will to survive. Even in the toughest of conditions, they've always learned to keep battling on and to survive through even the roughest of times.

I've always found eagles to be inspiring animals, because they know when to take risks, especially when they know they'll be rewarded. They are smart and motivated to always find food, and know what the best thing to do is always. We should aspire to be like them, mainly because of their philosophy. They'll keep fighting on, flying on and even when they find no food, they'll keep going. They know that something good is on the way.

There's always something good on the way, for each and every one of us. This is what the charm reminds me of, whenever I look at the charm. There is something powerful about wearing the eagle charm, and it will definitely help you to get into a motivated mindset. If you're trying to achieve a goal (like write a novel, or try to get a promotion at work), this bracelet will remind you of that and will help you work towards it.

Bangle Bracelets Are Great For Motivation

Yep, it's true. Bangle bracelets can really help us lady riders, to keep our mindsets true to what we want to achieve in life. They remind us that good things are on the way, and that we must keep fighting for what is right, whether it's peace. They remind us to keep striving to achieve our goals. All this can be felt, from a single glance at your bangle bracelet. Since you can wear the bangle bracelet wherever you go, you will always be reminded by its symbols and messages.

Which bangle bracelet did you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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