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5 Favorite Motorcycle Destinations in US

Motorcycle riding is really fun and fanatics will agree with me that nothing can describe the feeling that one get when on a bike. A passionate rider experiences an adrenaline-charged sense of peace, freedom and at the same time feels the teasingly cool fresh air on the face. Riding is becoming a lifestyle in modern society leading to high demand for powerful bikes. Motorcycles are normally not for the faint hearted but for the brave. It is a good traveling mode for the tough looking macho guys who are always seeking for new adventures.

Adventure seekers prefer cruising on their bikes rather than their cars. It can be a dangerous affair as it’s associated with speed. Riders looking to show off their high power bikes and skills need good roads to avoid unwanted accidents.

Are you a bike enthusiast and in the mood for adventure? Grab your helmet, jump on your bike and try the following motorcycle destinations.

1. The Three Sisters Ranch Road in Texas

Riders who opt to ride through this road should brace themselves for an adventurous experience. The road is twisty and curvy making it a suitable riding spot.

2. Blue ridge parkway in North Carolina, Tennessee

This is one of the most famous destinations for riders and other adventurers. It takes you through immense beauty, wildflowers and bird seeing. The road is unique, passing through Shenandoah National park all the way to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. What can be more exciting than riding here?

3. Beartooth passes in Montana, Wyoming

If you are in Wyoming this is the right place for you to ride. The 68.71 miles area is full of wildflowers and is sandwiched between Red Lodge and Wyoming State. This is where Yellowstone National Park and Beartooth Mountains are found.

4. The Hellbender 28 in North Carolina

It is a 22miles commercial traffic free stretch filled with exciting sites. It boots of unique surroundings such as Fontana Lake, the Great Smoky Mountains making it suitable for motorcycle riding. The road is not short of restaurants, retail outlets and other facilities a rider would need. You will never forget you’re riding experience here.Give it a try and you will love it.

5. The Ohio Cousin of the ‘’Tail of the Dragon’’ in Ohio

This is a 20 miles twisty road. Riders will have the privilege of stopping over Burr Oak Park and Wayne National Forest along the way. The road is normally unwatched by law enforcers making it a heaven for motorcycle speeding enthusiasts. Prepare yourself for an exciting moment and take your bike for cruising here.

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