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5 Amazing Motorcycling Rings You Need To See

Motorcycling rings have always been a classic piece of any motorcycling gear for many years. As we talked about in this article, motorcycling rings can show the personality of a biker and what interests they may have.

There are a variety of designs in our shop here which are unique and edgy. We have skull rings, message rings and even rings with gemstones. Many of the rings that we have on offer are perfect for wearing when you're going out on a motorcycling ride! They're the perfect way to show off your love of motorcycling. They are perfect for both men and women.

1. Keep Us Safe Ring

This ring is made from stainless steel and it is a very uplifting shape. It is shaped like a motorcycling wheel…with wings! It will help promote calm and peace along your motorcycling ride and may even give you some luck! The wings are very detailed, as you can see and you can almost see the individual feathers in the ring. That's what I love so much about this ring, it's incredibly detailed and every line is emphasised. If you look closely at the wheel, you can also see the spokes of the wheel.

I love the design of this ring because it is incredibly positive and uplifting. You can almost feel the wings taking you to another level as you look at the ring! Perhaps, this ring is also a metaphor for motorcycling. As the wheels of your motorcycle turn, you will be raised to new heights, almost to clouds. Sometimes, motorcycling feels like flying through the clouds, right? It's heavenly.

2. Ladies Bling Imitation Ring

This ring is a real show stopper with the amount of gemstones that stud the ring. Just one glance at it and you can almost feel its power shining through the gemstones! These gemstones almost look like diamonds and they have a slight beige tint to them which really enhances their beauty.

The gemstones cover nearly all of the ring including the front, sides and back (as you can see in the image below). The actual ring is made of surgical grade stainless steel meaning that it's very durable and of a high quality.

What I love the most about this ring is the sheer amount of gemstones that cover it. But also, I love how they form the shape of a skull. So it's like bringing the best of both worlds together, skulls and gemstones! They are a fantastic mix together and this ring definitely serves skulls justice! Wear it with pride and passion! This ring is available from size 5 to size 9.

3. "Live To Ride-Ride To Live" Ring

This ring holds a very powerful message and it really echoes the true spirit of motorcycling. If you ever think of what motorcycling truly means, this probably sums it up in a single phrase. Wear this ring to emphasise your love of motorcycling and how much it means to you. The slogan "Live to Ride Ride to Live" is engraved across two banners with one on each banner. The words are written in black and emphasised greatly. So just a single glance at the ring, and your message will come across!

It's made with stainless steel so whether you like to ride in the rain or not, this ring will always stay the same no matter what the conditions!

A mighty eagle adorns the ring and swoops and swerves underneath the two banners. It's proud and appears as if it "bursts" through the ring. Again, just like the other rings we have on sale, the eagle is very detailed and every stroke is included from the tip of his beak to the feathers in his wings.

4. Black Onyx Claw Ring

This mighty ring features a black onyx rock, with claws surrounding it.

My eyes almost get lost in the swirling darkness of the onyx. If you study the onyx carefully, you'll notice how smooth and shiny it is. Onyx stones are known for bringing good fortune because they help to release negative energy such as sorrow or grief. Whether you believe in the metaphysical properties of stones or not, this onyx will definitely give you power! It is known to be a grounding stone, keeping you focused on what's happening here.

If you tend to lose focus sometimes, this stone will help you to concentrate on what you're doing and block any sorrow or grief from inflicting on you. Whilst the stone itself is incredibly dark, it is actually very positive and will spread happiness into your life.

Glorious metal claws snatch the onyx and almost give a sense of realism to the ring, as if it has been pulled out of The Hobbit or The Lord of The Rings or some other fantasy book/movie.

5. Skull Ring With Stone

This ring has a beautiful engraving of a skull which is on the front of the skull. You can almost feel the skull speaking out to you, it's so lifelike! If you are a fan of skulls, well, this is definitely one of the greatest skull rings yet!

The skull is surrounded by a circle of black stones which look like black diamonds almost. They really enhance the power of the ring and make it look very beautiful indeed!

The skull is made with stainless steel and this stands out very nicely, against the black enamelled background. The front of the skull and black background is very smooth and fluid.

Black flames lick the sides of the ring and this adds some vividness to the ring also. The flames really combine well with the skull. But what really adds to the magic of this ring is the black gemstones that surround the skull. They really bring out the best in this ring, without a doubt.

Final Thoughts

Rings can help to enrich your motorcycling gear and also, to reflect your personality. Rings can connect with your favourite hobbies and interests too and by wearing them, you will always be reminded of the happier things in life.

Some people love skulls and skull rings. Other people love animals such as eagles on their rings. Finally, some people love messages and slogans which echo their philosophy and ideas about motorcycling. Some people adore gemstones or extra bling on their rings.

Whichever person you are from the list above, there's bound to be a ring that will be true to you.

What are your favourite rings? Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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