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25mm Wheel Bearing Puller

Manufacturer: Jims
SKU: 57920
Delivery date: 3-5 days
Understand the need of a wheel bearing puller! It is one of the functional components of your bike. It acts as a true companion when you are in the way. So, instead of being cranky amidst the road, buy 25 mm wheel bearing puller and go for a smooth ride on your bike. Manufactured by Jims, it can prove useful for your bike. Its specifications are like: 25mm wheel bearing puller Softail (Front) 07L*(Ex Sprg) Uw #57914 Brg Tool Jims 958. So, if you want that your bike will run in the best way, then do not skip to carry this puller with you.
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25mm Wheel Bearing Puller Softail (Front) 07L*(Ex Sprg) Uw #57914 Brg Tool Jims 958

  • Black in color, this wheel bearing puller is available in the highest quality
  • Easily shipped in the entire US. So, you do not need to worry about your location (even remote location, we understand well!)
  • Wheel bearings are the most usable components. Therefore, they are always available in our catalog.
  • Don’t ignore! It is the best for your Softail
  • Get this product at the most affordable rates
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