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10 Pieces of Motorcycling Trivia That'll Surprise You

Do you love being a biker? Want to know exciting, juicy bits of motorcycling trivia? Check out this article where we showcase some of the most intriguing motorcycling trivia around. From enigmatic bikes created by Orange County Choppers to wonderful TV shows that featured motorcycles, we aim to showcase some of the greatest motorcycling pieces of trivia there is.

1. Did you know that the TV show "Marcus Welby" featured a Triumph motorcycle in its weekly intro? If you're a great fan of the Triumph motorcycle range, you should certainly check out the introduction from this TV show.

This series was a medical drama show that aired every Tuesday on ABC, and continued airing from 1969 to 1976.

The motorcycle featured in this show was a Triumph Bonneville and has become a staple icon for all fans worldwide.

2. The most famous motorcycle model renowned for speed in the 1950s was the Vincent Black Lightning. It also shared its fame with the Black Shadow, where they were renowned for their amazing speed and thrilling technologies.

3. When World War 2 ended, did you know that Harley Davidson acquired blueprints from DKW, a German brand, in order to start creating their Hummer model? Of course, the ingenious nature of the blueprints allowed them to manufacture the model with ease. This certainly started a revolution, but after World War 1, in the 1930s, DKW actually sold more motorcycles than Harley Davidson, and overtook them as the company selling the most motorcycles across the globe.

3. Orange County Bikes have created tens of wonderful bikes and they feature on the show, "American Chopper." One such bike is the "Liberty Bike" and was commissioned by Richard W. Stocks, a wonderful company that restored the Statue to its best as well as preserve the artifacts and historical gems that surrounded it. This bike even had copper plating, with original copper from the Statue of Liberty itself!

The Statue of Liberty featured prominently in an Orange County Choppers motorcycle which is themed with America's most famous landmark.

The beautiful icon that is the Statue of Liberty could be found printed on many parts of the bike, and really added to the beauty of the bike! The image could be found on the wheels, handle bars, as well as the petrol tank, too!

Make sure to check that show out if you love bikes and the design and patience that goes into creating them.

4. To celebrate fifty years of business, Vespa released the Vespa LX series. This series was renowned for its pioneering technologies, since in 2005, the motorcycles included four different engines and was Euro 2 compatible. This series certainly celebrated their birthday with a bang! It continued to surprise customers, with all its high-tech features and ingenious design. The Vespa ET series was replaced by the LX series.

5. After the roaring success that was "American Choppers", a motorcycling-themed TV show where motorcycles are designed and built according to preferences by those who commissioned them, they decided to pursue some exciting, dynamic off-air projects. One of these projects included a motorcycle commissioned by Air Force One. They received $150,000 from Air Force One to bring their vision to life.

The result was a ten-foot-long motorcycle, called the "Air Force Bike." It was modelled after the F-22 Raptor, a stealth air superiority fighter developed by the United States Air Force. It is capable of electronic warfare as well as ground attack capabilities, plus lots more. When Orange County Choppers were commissioned to create the Air Force Bike, they took many ideas from the F-22 Raptor and tried to include as many design features into the bike as possible.

Some of the amazing design features included rear-view mirrors that were in the shape of jet wings. Certainly, whoever rode that bike certainly felt their love for Air Force One when they saw the rear-view mirrors!

This bike was first displayed in 2005 and has been adored by the public ever since.

6. In 2002, India was the country with the greatest number of motorcycles in the world. With 37 million motorcycles being used by consumers, India had the greatest number of motorcycles or mopeds in use. It's certainly no surprise, since the motorcycle is one of the most beloved methods of transportation in India. Renowned for its ingenious portability and ease of use, the motorcycle has been a brilliant form of transportation for millions!

China was the second largest market with 32 million motorcycles or mopeds being used in 2002.

7. The first ever motorcycle race took place in 1897. That's 120 years ago, to be precise! Just consider the fact that over a century ago, the first race took place that included motorcycles. The race took place in Richmond and lasted for one mile. Amazing, right? The winner took two minutes and eight seconds to complete the race . . . that's a substantial amount of time more than what it would take today, that’s for sure! The winner was also riding a Fournier.

8. Did you know that Henry Winkler, the Fonz himself, wasn't actually able to ride a motorcycle despite the fact that his character, the Fonz, was an avid biker?

9. In 1894, the Hildebrand & Wolfmüller motorcycle was the first motorcycle of its kind to be actually called a "motorcycle." Until then, they were commonly called cycles. Also, the German for motorcycle is "Motorrad." That's quite a cool name for a motorcycle, if I do say so myself. Motorcycles certainly are the raddest form of transportation, that's for sure! If you ever want to know who came up with the name "Motorcycle", you can thank the Germans for that beautiful name. If you also take a look at number 7 above, you'll see that the first motorcycle race took place almost 3 years after.

10. An Indian motorcycling manufacturer, Hero MotoCorp, is the largest seller of motorcycles in the world. Did you know that they have sold a whopping 8.5 million of their "Splendor" motorcycles? This is certainly a spectacular statistic and shows how other countries learn from the other when designing motorcycles.

Know Any Trivia?

That wraps up our segment today! If you know of any exciting trivia you'd like to share with us, just let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and keep riding!

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