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6 Irish Motorcycle Products You Have To See

Whether you're Irish or not, there's no resisting the Irish culture! With its witty charm, good ol' fun and luck, the Irish culture is most definitely a fascinating one. From shamrocks to tricolor flags to leprechauns, our products are Irish themed in so many ways. Check them out!

1. Celtic Belt Buckle This Celtic belt buckle features a knotwork accentuated Celtic cross. Celtic culture has shaped the island of Ireland from the Irish language to the many crosses that remain in the hills and mountains of Ireland. This Celtic cross belt buckle is almost warrior-like and reminds you of Ireland. It's also lead free, so completely safe to clip and buckle onto all belts. No need to worry! Just clip it onto your belt and there you go!

2. Irish Skull Patch This embroidered patch is a real piece of artwork and shows the true Irish spirit in a lovely illustration of a skull. The skull also has vivid green shamrocks which really brighten up the embroidery. This patch can be sewn onto clothes or attached to your motorbike. It's rebellious, colourful and seriously, how Irish can you get? It has a heat sealed backing so you can easily iron it onto your favorite fabric. There's no need to sew it on, if you don't want to! It also features the intricate and detailed Celtic knots which border the skull. These knots are a very important part of Celtic artwork and play a prominent role in many Celtic crosses and brooches.

3. Irish Helmet Sticker Whether you're fully Irish or not, you are bound to have Irish ancestry of some sort. Let's face it, we all have Irish ancestors somehow! All you have to do is stick this Irish sticker onto your motorcycling helmet either on the side or on the top. The vivid and neon green shamrock and border will attract a lot of attention, not to mention the bold "Irish" text! If you want to proudly show off your Irishness (and we are all Irish in some way or another!).

4. Celtic Cross Guardian Bells Guardian bells have been known for centuries to ward off evil spirits. Celtic crosses have been an integral part of Irish culture and have stood proudly in Irish graveyards and country areas for hundreds of years. These Celtic crosses were built hundreds of years ago (some are even a thousand years old!) and display Irish legends and writings from days of old. Combine guardian bells with Celtic crosses and you get a very interesting fusion!

5. Celtic Cross DOT Helmet What better way to express your Irishness than with a helmet? This helmet has a towering Celtic cross on the top of the helmet, which is swirling in a sea of red. The helmet almost has an eerie quality to it with the grey cross, but it emits a cool sense of Irishness too with the Celtic artwork and stonework on the front. It's also DOT approved meaning its manufactured to stringent standards.

6. "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Patch This is a common saying that you'll see all across Ireland and Irish memorabilia. There shouldn't be anyone that hasn't heard of the saying! Well, you can embrace your Irishness with this embroidered patch. It features an array of Irish elements including shamrocks, a skull, the famous saying itseld, Celtic knotwork and a leprechaun hat. Seriously, how Irish can you get? This patch can be heat transferred with an iron, if you're not a fan of sewing.

As you can see from the products we reviewed above, there is a lot of choice when it comes to buying Irish motorcycle products! Which do you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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