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10 Beautiful Jewelry Items For Female Biker

Jewelry is beautiful and should definitely become a part of your motorcycling life. The jewelry we feature today is unique and unusual, but beautiful and stellar. We cover rings, necklaces, pendants and of course, earrings! We have everything you need to get in touch with your love of motorcycling!

Make sure to treat yourself to a gift this year, you deserve it! From the wide selection of motorcycling-themed jewellery we have, you'll definitely find something that suits your persona, tastes and personality. Let's dive into the world of jewelry!

1. Blue Eyed Flower Skull Ring

This edgy and unique design features flowers engraved into the ring. The metal is a beige colour which is a nice break from the usual gold and silver rings that most people wear. If you focus on the flowers closely, you will see every little detail on the flowers. The blue eyes really help the two jewels to stand out and they give the skull an almost magical, captivating feel. You can almost feel the eyes peering at you, watching at you but they're friendly eyes!

This ring is made with 36L surgical grade stainless steel. This makes it of a very high quality and very durable. It will last a long time, through all types of weather (yep, even wind and rain) and the metal will never corrode.

2. Silver and Violet Chain Earrings

These violet earrings look like little portions of a motorcycling chain! This is for the die-hard motorcyclers who just can't help but show off their love of motorcycling! If you are one of them, this is the necklace for you.

The wire is actually French wire which makes it durable and easy on the ears. It is smooth and comfortable to wear. The chain is dotted with silver jewels which really jazz it up. If you are ever outside in the sunshine, these crystals will produce a rainbow effect against the rays! They will sparkle and help your earrings stand out from the crowd. The chain earrings range come in a variety of colours from pink to blue. However, I think that violet looks the nicest since it contrasts well with the silver.

If you'd like to take a look at different colours, check out our range of other chain earrings here.

3. Angel Earrings

These angel earrings are truly stunning and such an original design. I have yet to see such intricately crafted angel wing earrings in stores! They have a smooth and shiny white pearl, just above the wing which really adds to the glamour.

These wings are also made with 36L surgical grade stainless steel, making them resistant and tough against all weathers! So if you're racing through a storm or caught out in the rain in your motorcycle, at least your earrings won't be affected in the slightest! They also have French wire which makes them smooth and easy to wear, plus very light.

4. Tibetan Key Pendant

This Tibetan key pendant looks just like a key, only it has wings! It is the perfect symbol of freedom and will help you feel stronger and more powerful.

The wings are carved with black lines, giving them extra depth. They almost "raise" the key to another level!

The key is made with 36L surgical grade stainless steel, giving it an extra shine and it will always stay shiny, long after you purchase it. Some jewelry metal pieces may not last as long, they can get grimy or smudged quickly. However, this key will remain shiny for a long time because of its high quality material of stainless steel. This also includes a 24 inch long chain, making it airy and not too tight around your neck.

5. Aqua Dragon Necklace

Okay, this necklace definitely has to be one of the most impressive necklaces I've ever seen. Boasting six blue jewels and a complex dragon design, this necklace has everything you could ever need. Even the dragon's scales are intricately carved into the piece. Every detail and stroke is made here, and it's made with true beauty. The aqua blue jewels have a "water element" feel to them and help you to reconnect with water, the most refreshing substance on Earth and the only liquid that we need to survive. The jewels vary in size, giving the piece a dynamic and vibrant allure to it.

Wear this gorgeous piece with pride! It will definitely wow your friends, family and fellow motorcycling pals.

6. Bed of Roses Necklace

This elegant and striking necklace features a vivid, enamel red heart. The heart is the centerpiece of the necklace. Black roses grow from the heart, their roots dipping into the enamel heart. In fact, there are five black roses! These roses symbolize growth and harmony with nature. They are beautifully carved and every petal is delicately present, folding together into a rose.

Swarovski crystals are embedded in the red heart which sparkles beautifully if you twist them towards the light.

7. Black Heart

This is one of the most dashing pieces I've seen in the shop. It will cover your entire neck, spreading its wings and helping to give you some power!

Take a look at the wings closely, you will see the little hatch lines on the feathers. This really makes the wings very realistic, it's like they are actual wings, spreading across your neck! They are made of stainless steel, making them super durable and shiny.

8. Skull Ring With Blue Eyes

This edgy ring should definitely become a part of your must-buy list! The ring is a golden colour and is so shiny, you can almost see your reflection it.

The teeth and nose of the skull are carved into the ring. If you look inside the ridges of the skull's teeth and nose, you will see a darker and rougher type of golden colour within. This really adds some dynamism to the ring.

What I really love about this ring is how wavy it is. The ring itself waves slightly, up and down, creating a tremor effect in the ring. This is really effective in helping to give the ring a unique style.

There are also two dark blue jewels for the eye of the skull. These eyes crackle and sparkle, if you look deep into them. My favorite part of this ring are the blue eyes, they're real eye catchers (excuse the pun!).

9. Mechanical Heart

This mechanical heart piece is for the motorcycling lovers, who want to show their love in a necklace. Do you love motorcycling with your whole heart? Does your desire to go motorcycling flow through your blood? Well, then – this is the necklace for you!

It symbolizes the soul and heart of a motorcycle lover, where their blood (symbolized by the red jewel) is immersed in motorcycling and their love of motorcycles. It also symbolizes the workings of a mechanical mind, someone who loves the mechanics of their motorbike.

The mechanics aspect is shown through two intricate and complex cogs. These intertwine beautifully with the inner heart and also tie in with the chain, which goes around the neck. This is definitely one of the most symbolic necklaces in the store – since it combines beauty with symbolism.

10. Crystal Heart Pendant

This classic pendant combines modernism with Victorian times. The rainbow spangled crystal is the main centerpiece of this pendant. Shine it up to the light and rainbows will appear!

The Victorian styled stonework around the pendant almost takes you back in time for a few moments. It looks like the stonework you'd see in a classic mantelpiece that would be in a Victorian house.

The heart is gentle but still emits a powerful presence. At any angle you look at it, the heart will emit a variety of colours from blue and pink to green and yellow. Basically, all the colours of the rainbow are hidden inside this beautiful crystal!

If you love riding your motorcycle out in the Summer time and love to look at the sun, this pendant would be amazing to wear! As you ride down the country lane, the sun will shine on your pendant and cause a rainbow effect!


There are a huge variety of pendants, necklaces and rings out there. I've only selected ten of the many jewelry items we have here at Cycle Heart. Make sure to take your pick from the huge variety of jewelry on offer. Jewelry can really spruce up your look and remind you of your favorite hobby of all…motorcycling! From gothic hearts to mechanical hearts, you are definitely going to find something that appeals to your tastes.

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2/18/2016 9:05 AM
Great looking jewelry at unrealistic prices. I love the taste of, and have visited the site frequently. Today I grew excited about a piece of jewelry, as a birthday gift for my daughter (also a rider), but after viewing the price I'm out. We have a local store that sells similar items for a fraction of these costs.
3/24/2016 3:13 PM
I have jewelry from Cycleheart and I love it. Especially the chain bracelets, even bought some for my friends as gifts. I enjoy the convenience of ordering online, and the quality is top notch. I have seen similar items for less money at local bike events, but the quality does not compare! I just ordered a new helmet and the price was very reasonable. I'll review when I receive it!